Finance Committee



Ανδρέας Ζέρβας (Alderman)


Regular members:

Πέγιος ∆ηµήτριος
Ζέρβας Ανδρέας
Θεοδώρου Αθανάσιος
Batziakas Anastasios
Σαββάκης Αριστείδης
Ζαρκάδας- Vergis Apostle
Patsiantas Margaritis
Ανδρέου-Μεϊκοπούλου Ελένη
Παπατόλιας Απόστολος
Νάνος Απόστολος



Τσακανίκας Απόστολος
Τοκαλή-Μποντού Γεωργία
Χάλαρη Σοφία
Κανελλής Νικόλαος
Panagiotis Skotiniotis
Tsalouchas Theodore


The Finance Committee has the following responsibilities :

  • Draws up the budget of the Municipality.
  • Monitors the implementation of the budget and submits a quarterly report to the City Council, presenting the statement of revenue and expenditure of the municipality. The report that also includes any comments made by the minority is made public on the website of the Municipality.
  • Inspects the account.
  • Decides on the approval of expenditures and the credit allocation of the budget, other than those that under existing provisions are decided for by the City Council, and it also justifialby decides for the cases of direct assignment for supplies, services, research studies and completion of projects in extremely urgent cases.
  • Defines terms, drews up the Declaration, and conducts and approves all auctions in accordance with current legislation. For the conduct of auctions and the assessment of bidding it may form committees, from its members, or municipal or civil employees or specialized scientists.
  • Examines the need to award loans, establishes their conditions and makes recommmendations about them to the City Council.
  • Makes recommendations to the City Council about the imposition of fees, rights and contributions.
  • Decides whether to accept inheritance, bequests and donations.
  • Recommends to the City Council an annual management and development plan of the municipal assets. Monitors the implementation of this plan and informs the City Council.
  • Decides on issues of transparency and e-governance.
  • Recommends to the City Council the regulatory decisions plans of the municipality and monitors their implementation.
  • Decides on the submition of appeals to the authorities.
  • Decides for the use any judiciary means.
  • Decide on court settlements and recommends to the City Council for the out of court settlement or withdrawal from any legal proceedings which could amount to thirty thousand (30.000) euro.
  • Decides for the employment of attorneys and for revoking the power of attorney, to the municipalities, that either have not hired lawyers, με μηνιαία αντιμισθία, or the ones that have been hired have no right to be present in higher courts. It may also, assign providing legal advice, only if they have not hired lawyers, με μηνιαία αντιμισθία. By its decision it is possible, and by exception, to assign a lawyer, for judicial or extra judicial management, per case or, issues, which arwith a monthly salarysts of the municipality and require specialized knowledge or experience. In such cases the lawyer's fees are determined in accordance with the provisions of Article 281 of the ADC.
  • The Finance Committee with a special decision taken by an absolute majority of its members can refer a specific issue to the Municipal Council for a decision to be made, if deemed necessary by the its particular severity.
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