Quality of life



Απόστολος Ζαρκάδας – Βεργής (Alderman)


Regular members: 

Καλογήρου Φρειδερίκη
Γαλάτης Απόστολος
Στεφόπουλος Χρήστος
Μαλαµατίνης Απόστολος
Κότογλου ∆έσποινα
Λαΐνας Ιωάννης
Γαργάλας Κων/νος
Chaftouras Nicholas
Nicholas Stoikos
Μιτζικός Μιχαήλ



Σαββάκης Αριστείδης
Πέγιος ∆ηµήτριος
Σουΐπας Γεώργιος
∆ραµητινός Ματθαίος
Τσοπουρίδου Αικατερίνη
Panagiotis Skotiniotis


The Quality of Life Committee has the following responsibilities:

A. It is responsible, proviso to Article 83, of the Law 3852/2010 regarding:

  • Granting pre-approval for founding shops and businesses after the pre-examination of the request of the person concerned.
  • The recall or permanent removal of licenses to establish and operate branches and other business activities and facilities that fall under the municipality's jurisdiction.

The relevant decision is made within (20) days after fulfillment of the conditions.

  • Granting or revocation of music licenses.


B. Making recommendations to the City Council:

  • in order to determine land use issues.
  • Issues of regulatory plans, programming the implementation of regulatory plans regarding urban organization of open cities, Enforcement of the General Urban Plan (GIS) Urban Studies, land redevelopment, urban interventions, funding of reconsrtuction programs, rehabilitation of less privilleged areas, urban redevelopment of problem areas, compensation for urban planning, urban settings, capital in land or money, areas specifically regulated urbanization (P.E.R.P.O.) and approval of urban studies.
  • Decisions on environmental issues.
  • Decisions on siting issues cemeteries, by the provision of 2508/1997 (GG 124 A), cremation centers, and other, on objects, responsibilities.
  • The draft regulatory decisions Articles 79 and 82 of the ADC.
  • The Quality of Life Committee shall prepare an annual report on its powers, which was discussed and approved by the City Council.
  • The City Council may, matters extremely seriously, with specific reasons and by an absolute majority of all its members, decide to exercise the same powers of the preceding paragraphs.
  • The Quality of Life Committee with specific decision taken by an absolute majority of its members can refer this issue to the competence of the Municipal Council for decision, if deemed necessary by the its particular severity.
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