Executive Committee

The executive committee is collectively coordinating and executive body of the municipality and monitor the implementation of municipal policies in all areas and the implementation of the operational plan of the municipality, of mesochroniou, annual and five-year action plan.
Chairman of the Executive Board is the mayor. Meetings called by the president of the council of the local municipality or community, when discussing issues that are specific, and the presidents of the legal entities in the municipality and other government officials as it deems necessary.
Clerk of the municipality shall keep written minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee.





The executive committee shall exercise the following powers:

  • Monitor the implementation of decisions of the municipal council.
  • Co-ordinate and monitor the implementation of the operational program, and recommends that the city council.
  • Develop and recommend to the city council the technical program of the municipality and is responsible for the implementation.
  • Collects and evaluates proposals of municipal services in preparation for the budget and recommend the draft budget and the annual action plan to the Finance Committee.
  • Is responsible for the faithful execution of the budget.
  • Recommend to the city council plans:

i)Internal Services Agency,

ii) Rules for measuring and evaluating the performance of municipal services in accordance with applicable legislation.

  • Recommend to the city council the draft charter of rights and obligations citizens and residents and shall secure, information and handling of the Citizen's Guide, which describes the procedures, the terms and conditions of the provision of municipal services in print and electronic form.
  • Initiating the draft Regulation informing citizens and Regulation Consultation.
  • Introduces the emergency plans and disaster, in aligning with the region's plans and the Ministry of Citizen Protection.
  • Monitors, evaluates and coordinates the activities of legal entities and municipal services and inform the city council
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