File Class: D. Office Building (Urban planning)

Διεύθυνση Υπηρεσίας Δόμησης

Επίσημη σελίδα Πολεοδομίας
 Διεύθυνση Υπηρεσίας Δόμησης
Director : Helen Bakoyannis
Director : Mikrasiaton 81 - Building Spirer - Volos
Phone: 24213 56821
E-mail : gr.poleod @
1.Τμήμα Έκδοσης Αδειών Δόμησης
Matron : Τσοπουρίδου Κυριακή
Address : Mikrasiaton 81 - Building Spirer - Volos
Phone: 24213 56813
2.Section Πολεοδομικού Ελέγχου
Chief : Σκαρβέλη Ελένη
Address : Mikrasiaton 81 - Building Spirer - Volos
Phone: 2421356853
3.Department of Urban Planning
Chief : Μαυραντώνης ιωάννης

Address : Mikrasiaton 81 - Building Spirer - Volos

Phone: 24213 56851


The Planning Department is responsible for the implementation of urban and regional planning, adoption and enforcement of building permits and control of arbitrary structures. The specific responsibilities of the Division, in fulfillment of, determined by the provisions of legislation, Decrees and Ministerial Decisions.

  • Keep up the issue of the license sought, based on existing provisions.
  • Ensures the enforcement of permits issued.

Responsibilities of Secretariat

  • Keep records of traffic studies and issuance of building permits and file section (electronic and classic).
  • Check the completeness of the submitted files and record them in similar books (trafficking, pre-audit etc.)
  • Provides information to interested parties related to the file and provide certified copies.

Responsibilities of Building Permits issued

The service department deleted objects, in general, as follows:

  • Receiving, check the completeness of dossiers submitted for building permits and review the studies submitted in accordance with applicable provisions.
  • Architectural Controls, static, plumbing and electrical studies, study thermal, study of passive fire protection and related tax records for the issuance or revision of building permits for industrial buildings, by the provisions in relevant legislation.
  • Issue and review and building permits and maintains all required records and data on.
  • Provides information to all interested parties regarding the implementation of the GOK.
  • Arrange for the collection and classification of case law relevant provisions, related to the responsibilities of the Department of City Planning.

Responsibilities licensing facilities and technical professional licenses

  • Awards licenses or structural engineering design for installation on land station antenna, accordance with Article 24 A n. 2075/1992 (GG 129 A), as applicable, and imposes penalties on offenders.
  • Regulate any matter relating to the installation, operation and maintenance of lifts, and to grant the relevant technical professional licenses, accordance with the provisions of relevant legislation.
  • Grant permits installation and operating permits luminescent tubes, Signs and electric forklifts and controls the operation.

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