Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce / Retail Licenses

Responsibilities of Commercial Licensing and General Business Services

1.Recommend the granting of licenses to exercise trading and general business, under the powers given to the Municipality with the applicable provisions. These permits relate in particular:

    1. The foundation, operation and installation of shops and businesses operating conditions and installation are established by the respective laws and health regulations and provisions.
    2. The establishment and operation of sanitary facilities ( article 80 of the ADC).
    3. The installation and operation of cinemas, theaters and similar enterprises and carry out planned inspections.
    4. The establishment and operation of playgrounds, and various recreational activities (amusement park, circus, slopes aftokinitidion, musical concerts and other cultural events, provided by law.
    5. The recreational games and services online.
    6. The operation of musical instruments and music licenses.
    7. Outdoor exercise standing trade, fairs and outdoor Christmas markets.
    8. The installation and operation of dry cleaning, laundry, sidirotirion carpet cleaning machine and.
    9. The animal drawn vehicles.
    10. The installation and use of premises for operations issued by persons.
    11. Conducting advertising, the placement of outdoor advertising frames, placing signs identifying professional activity on natural and legal persons, and the allocation of space for viewing activities in legal entities pursuing public purposes.
    12. Function motorbike rental shops.
    13. Establishing retail supermarket.
    14. Outdoor exercise itinerant trade.
    15. Attendance at Sunday Markets.
    16. Authorization to a person who runs a dog or cat for sale, and the relevant license to operate the shop.
    17. The barber profession, hairdresser, technician manicure and pedicure, and the creation of the committee and relevant Disciplinary Committee.
    18. The operation of book reports.
    19. The organization reports (excluding International), operating, regulating and supervising these.
2.Monitor and verify compliance with the conditions under which these licenses are granted and recommend measures, accordance with the applicable provisions eg. revocation, disqualification, fines).
3.Monitor the implementation of the provisions on outdoor advertising,specification of banners and signs, make the removal of illegal outdoor advertisements and signs and recommend the imposition of fines provided, with the terms and conditions provided by law.
4.Introduces the issues relating to the granting of such permits and identifying any problems encountered on this.
5.Performs all work in accordance to existing rules and regulations concerning the control of particular offenses and :

  • Monitors, records and inform the owners of the stores for infringement lawsuits and submitted a check of police,
  • Suggests the retrieval and removal of authorization for exceeding or change the use in municipal authority to impose penalties.
  • Recommends the sealing of shops due to violations as provided by the relevant provisions.
  • Monitor the implementation of the terms of authorization and music, inform the Committee of sealing unauthorized operation of shops for the action to make, order to seal shops operating without a license.

Responsibilities street markets

  • Proposals and recommends measures for the smooth operation of public markets.
  • Recommended the granting of production licenses and professional sellers who have their agricultural products to the public markets of the City .
  • Monitor compliance with the regulation of public markets.
  • Finds any violations and prepare relevant reports failure.
  • Keep up the definition of premises and operating conditions of outdoor commercial activities (farmers' markets and fairs).
  • Ensure the decisions establishing, dissolving and determining how the general functioning street markets, pursuant to applicable law including business administration and production licenses and any other relevant subject.
  • Ensures the establishment of committees to monitor sellers, producers of the popular and professional markets.

Responsibilities of the Consumer Protection

  • Care to protect the consumer by creating and updating of mechanisms (eg. Office of Consumer Information).
  • To recommend to the committee's recommendation for an amicable settlement out of court settlement of disputes between vendors and consumers or consumer groups, keep records of the findings of the relevant committee and Consumer Register.

Regulatory Functions of Commercial Activities
1.It studies and recommends the regulation of matters affecting commercial activity functions, and the city environment and quality of life, under the powers given to the Municipality with the applicable provisions. These issues relate particularly :

  • In determining the areas and conditions for temporary accommodation of displaced populations.
  • Defining the specifications and conditions of outdoor advertising.
  • Determine the specific terms and conditions for the establishment and installation shops and businesses, they affect the environment and the functions of city.
  • In determining the terms and hours of music in stores.
  • Determining the opening and closing hours of work of seafarers and artergaton.
  • Setting time limits running shops and businesses.
  • In determining the maximum number of permits outdoor itinerant trade and the establishment of the Committee on Rural itinerant traders.
  • The approval of operating Sunday Markets.
  • The implementation of existing legislation on licensing of kiosks.
  • Deciding on the definition of opening hours, Lunch break and closing of pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses, and determining for each year the number of pharmacies and overnight diimerefoun.

2.Monitors and controls the implementation of decisions related to previous issues of commercial activity and recommends measures, accordance with the applicable provisions.

3.Verify compliance with the provisions relating to pets and compliance with legislation by the tourist business of tourist interest in the specific provisions of the law.


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