E.A.K. (National Sports Center)

In National Sports Center Volos was established as an independent public entities in 1983 by Presidential Decree, after the merger of legal persons “National Stadium” and “National Swimming” hitherto operated independently with different Administrations.

The operation of the stadium began in 1961 and closed the pools 1969, acquiring both legal status by Royal Decree of 1970. In 1976 built in open and closed Swimming Fitness delivered in 1981.

In 2001 the program “STATE” the RDI spent the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Volos and has since operated as a Public Entity.

Purpose of EDC to provide facilities, instruments and services to sports society especially our city and creating sports – cultural programs and events. cultivation and development of sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play but mainly the participation of citizens in the sporting activity are among the main objectives of the Sports Centre.

Organically an address with three departments and 63 provided for multidisciplinary staff positions, to meet the needs of administration, management and maintenance.

Facilities include RDI included: 

  • the Stage turf and rubber mat track 6 routes,
  • the complex Swimming pool the Olympic-size pool open, closed 25m. with 8 routes and reservoir beginners,
  • the complex Shooting Range with field guns 50. field guns 25m. closed airgun 10m. and administration building,
  • the closed Gym with warm-,
  • golf Tennis the administration building,
  • the Kopilatirio with lemvarcheia and conference support,
  • the Auxiliary field, the indoor training track 100 Metro and several fitness rooms, weightlifting and other uses.

The facilities cover a total area RDI 61.763,86 τ.μ. of which about 7.000 τ.μ. housed. It rankssmg the five largest in Greece Sports Centres and before its inclusion in the municipality of Volos was described as national interest and was included in Class A.

It should be noted that, most installations the Sports Centre are based on land allocated by Shooting Association Volos, but so far has completed his band Shooting from the state, obligation arising from the concession areas and must implement to 1984.

Games International and National Interest, sport and recreation programs, hospitality groups and athletes are among the rich to date action RDI which nurtured generations of athletes glorified our city and our country.

The Stadium will be used during the Olympics has been identified as Olympic training site, while the remaining facilities as Olympic Qualifying given their use as training centers acclimation Olympic mission.

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