University of Thessaly – COMPLEX Papastratos

The former warehouses Papastratou to Volos Beach, housing departments of the University of Thessaly, and organized two conference rooms.


The church of St. Constantine, built in 1936 designed by the architect Aristotle Zachos. The elaborate architecture combined with the key position to Volos Beach, Temple made a point of reference of modern city.


This is the former George Square D’ to Volos Beach. Stood at the park late 1920 designed by architect N. Kitsikis.


Built in 1930 in neoclassical style, that characterized the architecture of public buildings of that era.


The cinema was built in Achillion 1925 designed by architect volioti K. Argyris. Continues to function today.


The Cathedral of the city, the first of three churches designed by Issue. Zachos in Volos, completed in 1934. Outside the church kept the old bell tower, έργο του Ιταλού γλύπτη Previsan το 1884.

The train of Pelion

Legendary Moutzouris, started enchanting routes in Pelion 1895. The line was designed designed by Italian engineer Evaristo De Chirico and it is a technological breakthrough of its time. Today continues to offer its services starting and terminating Lechonia In the. In. Miles.


The building was erected in Railway Station 1884, according to the aesthetics of foreign architects working at the time the Thessalian Railways. The format remains essentially unchanged in time and in the floor of the station operates a museum with rare footage of the history of railways in the region.


White marble with excellent carved details. Build 1884 by the Italian sculptor G.Previsan and placed there on the occasion of the inauguration of the Thessalian Railways.

Municipal Conservatory

The neoclassical building of the Volos Municipal Conservatory was founded around 1885 and the 1900 operated by the National Bank of Greece.

ART CENTER Giorgio de Chirico

Situated right next to the building of the Municipal Conservatory. It houses the Museum Alekos K.Damtsa and exhibition space hosts regular art exhibitions and selected works of the Municipal Gallery.

Municipality of Volos

Built in 1970 designed by architect Dimitri Pikioni who brought the style of City Hall with the rest of the buildings architecture of Pelion.



Photo: N.Koxanoglou

Photo: N.Koxanoglou

To the east of the city of Volos is the Goritsa Hill and is a small natural hill about 200m. above sea level. At the top is the church of the Life Giving Spring.
The position of the Macedonians took advantage of the 4th BC. century under Philip II’ where they built and fortified town 3.000-3.500 residents. Gates were constructed in the north and east in order to control the passage of people and goods, to the west there is access to the sea and the south to serve military purposes. The city was built under Hippodamia system. The city is inhabited by 350-250 BC. and then abandoned because Demetrius Poliorketes ordered colonization of Demetrias. In this position, the panoramic view over the city and the port of Volos.

BIRTH OF MARY (Lady Hole Goritsa)

This temple is dedicated to the Virgin Mary's birthday. This church is in a cave at the foot of Goritsa is one of the most picturesque of our city. Operated the 1892 and the 1950 front of the cave was built a larger vestibule.


Photo: N.Koxanoglou The Trinity Chapel is the Byzantine style and is situated next to Volos Hospital Achillopouleio. It began to be built in 1948 and the inauguration took place in October 1954.Sto inside are pictures of the artist painter Gounaro. There are murals “Platytera of heaven” the arc of the sacred, of Saints Cosmas and Damian Anargiroi” etc..
The icons of the iconostasis and frescoes were made at the expense of our fellow industrialist Apostolos Papageorgiou.
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