The tsipouradika

The Tsipouro Volos.
A History of flavor that starts from the beginning of the century

The ritual that became an institution.
Long ago that the flavors were genuine and authentic
we all feel that they are part of a large gang.

Old, beautiful moments, Port and neighborhoods,
The Voliotis and visitors alike continue to live
…where Volos sharing the joys and sorrows of,
in tsipouradika.

…tsipouradiko is the part of the living
delivery area, was a rite
made “institution” for Volos
and loved by visitors.

…anyone know the unique atmosphere in Greece
TSIPOURADIKO of Volos, the original Greek
flavors,becomes fanatic…

…comes again and again.

The meeting of midday

The “institution” started by refugees from Asia Minor,
who settled in Volos after the exchange of
'22 And especially those who work at sea and in
…At noon,after work to gather
Port cafes and drank their tsipouro,
that came with appetizers, Served, everything,
in small plates.
The lunchtime meeting at the cafe on the beach,
with snaps and the many small dishes of appetizers
sea ​​to the table, was a ritual that very
soon became a daily habit
Voliotis for workers….
…The companies increased, as orders.
The appetizers were becoming more sophisticated, but dominant
seafood flavor remained…

…The taste of brine offering Aegean
fish and fish Pagasitikos, jostle
all forms of meat from the table.

And the tradition continues
The tsipouradiko neighborhood beach or established
as the main meeting place volioton, but
now not only offers pleasure noon…
…The reputation of ouzo Volos spread rapidly in’ all
in Greece, and abroad by tourists
know them, taste the special delicacies and become
Fanatics their patrons.
The secret of their success lies in the genuine
raki, cooked in and endless variety
mezedakia.Kyrios, yet, in recipes, in “magically”
ingredients that cooks do not reveal, only
those who will continue the tradition…
…Hence, tsipouradikatou Volos
are unique to Greece.

The taste has the first word
What is the specialty; In’ principle as,you pull the boat…
…Grills, pan and saucepans continuously
filled with all the treasures of the sea.
Squid, Cuttlefish, octopus, koutsoumoures, Sardines,
whitebait, Anchovies, mussels, Glossy, Oysters, bubbles,
pines, clams, scampi, Shrimp, Crabs, to
and swordfish, salmon, blackfish, skipjack and lobsters…
…Traditional dishes that accompany each 25araki
raki, earn the most demanding…
…Who can resist the temptation to taste
Crab,eggplant, Shrimp, mussels, or
shrimp saganaki, baked with tomato slice, squid
stuffed, octopus in vinegar, mussel pilaf,
roasted potatoes, Steamed mussels,
… all handmade and cooked
parodosiakes recipes.

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