The train of Pelion

…ή αν προτιμάτε ο …”Mountzouris”


The historic railroad Volos – Miles, the train of Pelion, better known as, constructedσε δύο στάδια από το1894μέχρι το1903.
Legendary longer “Smudgy” linked the commercial and industrial center of Volos with the rich and fertile area of ​​West Pelion, on the hillsides and olive groves of the mountain of Centaurs.
By 1950 o train with Belgian machines “Milaiai”, “Jason”, “Pelion”, “Volos”, “Tsagarada” and the vagonakia, with smaller engines and serve the needs of the city as a tramway for public transportation in Volos. For 80 year was a benchmark for the region. Following the abolition of the 1971 attempts were made to reopen the San (museum) tourist train in an environment of exceptional natural beauty. After major reconstruction works by infrastructure, came again into operation 1996.

For the resumption of service required Dimino work to remove soil from landslides and tackle problems that were caused by corrosion.
The line of, έχειwidth 60 from., is the closest railway in Greece and one of the closest in the world. Η διαδρομήUpper Lehonia – Miles, μέσα σεslopesκαι με την πανέμορφηview Pagasitikos, passes through picturesque stone arches over eight stone bridges hewn marble (ditoxes, three-arched and a five-arched) and a metal bridge where the curved line is written into linear vector, according to the plans of the famous bridge builder era. The responsibility for building the line was the famed Italian engineerEvaristo de Chirico. He was the father of the famous surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico, who captured the image of the small train in some of the most famous paintings.
The train line was re-launched Upper Lechonia – Apples, μήκους15 km. Η διαδρομή διαρκεί90 minutes , with a 15 minute stop in Upper Gatzea and maximumspeedτου είναι20 km. time.
There is the traditional rolling stock, of steam locomotives 1903 and 1912, wooden wagons with two balconies and new dizelamaxes obtained from the UCI 2000.

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