Rights of citizens and businesses in their dealings with public services


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The Ministry of Administrative Reform and eGovernment, as part of his efforts for faster and more efficient service to citizens and businesses in their daily transactions with Management, established by the appropriate institutional framework and services and has established controls to ensure the rights of citizens in their dealings with public services.

As a condition to exercising the citizens of their rights is to know, for themselves, and public officials who deal with them and because the provisions relating to the rights of citizens are numerous and scattered laws and regulations and services and monitors that serve the public form a complex mechanism, we considered necessary, to make known to the people and send to all public services to the circular, which reminds summarizing the basic rights of citizens and businesses in their dealings with the State.

Οι αρμόδιες Υπηρεσίες του Υπουργείου Διοικητικής Μεταρρύθμισης και

EGovernment, as listed below, be available to interested parties on implementation of the relevant circular.


For N / Address State-Citizen Relations:
Michael Karahalios, Michael Voskakis,
Panagiota Aliferis, Ellie Simatou, John Ntiniakos,
(tel: 213-1313102, -104, -103, -106, -113)
For N / Address Procedure Simplification and Productivity:
Nick Lord, Anthony Theodore, Constantine Kazakos, Marina canker, Sophia
Papamathaiou Helen Kontominas, Thanks Katsoulis
(til.213-1313136, -040, -154, -155, -152, -126,-163)
For N / Department of Organization and Operation CSC.:
Costas Kaparos, Alexandra Mantesi, Alexandra Pavel
(tel: 213-1313172, -105, -174)




The provisions Article 3 of the Code of Administrative Procedure (n.2690/1999, as applicable), stipulated that applicant's request, for an administrative act, provided when required by law.

For ease of, Application forms are used, which grant compulsory public authorities, for all matters within their competence. These forms, a special place, eg. on the back page or frame, must be reported by law provided for conditions that demand, applicable provisions, supporting documents must provide the person, and the time within which the answer will.

Τα έντυπα αποτελούν μέσο αμφίδρομης επικοινωνίας πολιτών-διοίκησης και διοίκησης-πολιτών, why the design, elements comprising, and the terminology used in these, should encourage such communication.

If he declares that he can not write, due to physical or literal impossibility, then the responsible officer must assist in the preparation of the application, after dictation citizenship.

In that regard it should be noted that administrative authorities are obliged to receive and protocols all applications and issue an acknowledgment, even if lacking the necessary documentation.

Also, must receive the applications of citizens faxed (fax) and respond to requests for information made by e-mail (e-mail).

Οι πολίτες,παράλληλα με τη δυνατότητα που τους παρέχεται να μεταβαίνουν στα Κ.Ε.Π. or administrative authorities to apply for certificates or copies of certificates, have the right to make a telephone application, through OTE.

So, calling digit number 1502 seek a and mission, by registered letter, certain certificates or certificates, at the address stated, paying 4,20 euro (telephone and postage). If you do not request shipment by registered mail and receive copies of the certificates themselves, από την αρμόδια υπηρεσία που τα εξέδωσε, then pay only 2,20 euro, (cost telephone application).

Also, enable the public to submit applicationsfor licenses in the State and their staff through computer, provided that a connection to the Internet (internet), by visiting the Web site of the Government Administration, the email address "http://ininin.andrmis.gov.gr».

Additional, citizen declares application and CSC. which will handle the request and from which you received the certificate. Informing the interested citizen to receive the certificate made by telephone communication with the citizen ADS. Κατά συνέπεια, ο πολίτης, για να εξυπηρετηθεί, επισκέπτεται μία και όχι δύο φορές το Κ.Ε.Π.

Note that the identity of interested mentioned in the application, proved as follows:

  1. όταν πρόκειται γιαΈλληνες πολίτες, απότο δελτίο ταυτότητας ή τηinRelevant temporary certificate of authority or passport ortheν άδεια οδήγησης ή το ατομικό βιβλιάριο υγείας όλων των ασφαλιστικών φορέων (article 25 of n.3731/2008-F.E.K.263/A/23-12-2008).
  2. στην περίπτωσηCitizens State- State of the Union,από identity card or passport and
  3. where third country nationals, from a valid passport or other travel document recognized by international conventions and the visa or residence permit showing that they have entered and reside legally in the Country (article 3, Fri. 4 of n.2690/1999-F.E.K. 45/Α’, conjunction with Article 6 of n.3386/2005-F.E.K. 212/Α’).A

It is obvious that the proof of the identity of citizens, in their dealings with the Administration, it should show the original of the above documents.

At this point it should be noted that, for when he himself can not attend in person before the administrative authorities to apply for or receive the final administrative act, permit applications to the civil administration of third persons, only if they provide legal authorization for this, which indeed must bring the confirmation of the authenticity of the signature of the authorizing.

If you lose the case file on citizen, the department must take all necessary steps to reconstitute the (article 6, Fri. 5 of n.3242/2004 and P.D.114/2005-FEK 165a).




For the handling of cases of citizens, is the general rule, administrative authorities respond to requests from citizens and to handle related cases immediately and if this is not possible, within the period of fifty (50) days, maximum, if no special provisions for different periods. When handling a case required documentation, πιστοποιητικών ή στοιχείων,η προθεσμία αρχίζει από την υποβολή ή συγκέντρωση του συνόλου των στοιχείων αυτών.

It is noted here that public services should make every effort to serve the citizens immediately, ie. when first attending the service, in order to avoid suffering a second visit, if the nature of the request allows.

In addition to, identifying the following:

Jurisdiction over cases more services, that period extended ten (10) more days.

If the request is made in unauthorized service, this service must, within three (3) days, forward it to the competent and must so inform the person concerned. In this case, period starts since I received the request to the appropriate service.

If a case can not be processed due to be impossible, especially motivated, the department must, within five (5) τουλάχιστον ημερών πριν την εκπνοήτης προβλεπόμενης προθεσμίας,notify the applicant in writing of the reasons for the delay, the officer in charge of the case and the phone number to provide any useful information.

The authorities must immediately issue licenses and certificates in order to avoid re-visit of the service concerned. Though the direct administration not ,mailed to the address indicated by the applicant, the latest ten (10) days (article 4, Fri. 4 of n.2690/1999).

Every person has the right, following a written request, have access to the files of the Administration and to acquaint, within twenty (20) days, or fieldwork, or by receiving copies, administrative documents, as well as private documents stored in public and is on his case, which is before them or handled by them (article 5 of n.2690/1999 in conjunction with paragraph 2 of article 11 of n.3230/2004-FEK 44 A/11-2-2004).

Further, noted that non-compliance with the above deadlines and leads right into the concerned citizen to apply for funds full compensation (article 7 of n.3242/2004).

Those requests submitted, for jurisdictional Central Services Ministries, the Special Committee on the Application Control Legislation that works at the Ministry of Administrative Reform and eGovernment, while the Special Committees operating in decentralized administration of the country,submitted the relevant applications for other public sector services, operating in their territorial jurisdiction (eg. Entity, DOY, Municipalities etc.).

[Note: The full contact details of the Special Audit Committee by legislation attached in Annex 1 present.]

Authentication OF SIGNING  


Every person is entitled to ask for confirmation of the authenticity of the signature of, on all the documents, showing the declaration of willingness, all administrative authorities and CSC. Country (article 11 Paragraph 2 of n.2690/1999 in conjunction with Article 16 Fri. 3 of v. 3345/2005 – ΦΕΚ 138 Α/16-6-2005).

A prerequisite is the submission of the required documents above prove his identity.

When he comes person affairs for the services of the public sector or the CSC, presenting the identity card or the corresponding original documents, not require certification of authenticity of signatures of (Fri. 4 Article 16 of n.3345/2005- GG 138 A/16-6-2005).

In that regard it should be noted that the provisions governing the declaration (article 14 of v. 1599/1986) not necessary, for the submission of, the confirmation of the authenticity of the signature of the applicant, unless otherwise specified.




Any interested person may request, all administrative authorities and CSC, validate copies of administrative documents, the original or a certified copy of the administrative authority which issued (article 11 Paragraph 2 of n.2690/1999 in conjunction with Article 16 paragraph 5 of n. 3345/2005 – ΦΕΚ 138 Α/16-6-2005).

It is clarified that no validation of simple copies of documents issued by domestic administrative authority, if copies are accompanied by a declaration, in which the person attesting to the accuracy of the data.

Also, κάθε ενδιαφερόμενος μπορεί να ζητά, από όλες τις διοικητικές αρχές και τα Κ.Ε.Π., validation private documents or copies of documents issued by foreign authorities, certified copies thereof, ifέχουν επικυρωθεί, primarily, by counsel, and private documents, for which, the Minister of Administrative Reform and Electronic Governance and relevant Minister,has no specific regulation on the issue of the Joint Ministerial Decision (Fri. 5 and 7 Article 16 του ν. 3345/2005 – GG 138 A/16-6-2005).

Note that all administrative authorities are required to certify the authenticity of signatures and copies of documents to validate, σύμφωνα με τα ως άνω οριζόμενα. Κατά συνέπεια, είναιΠΑΡΑΝΟΜΗ τόσο η άρνηση administrative authority to proceed with the completion of these procedures, and referral for specific administrative acts in another administration.




1. Through ADS citizens can carry over 1000 certified by decrees administrative procedures narrow bodies and parastatal. The citizen submits the request for the issuance of a certificate, t leave. etc.. the CRC will choose, which is then directed to the relevant department, issuing the certificate or license and the ADS alerts the person to accept the document requested.

The KEP, according to the staff working in these, operating either between 7.30 – 15.30 Monday through Friday with extended hours or 8.00 - 20.00 Monday to Friday 8.00 – 14.00 Iyi ¹ ÎμÏ € Î ¹ Î ¼ Î ¿Ï Ï † Ï ‰ Ï "II, (paragraph 3 της Υ.Α αριθ. first. DIADP/F.V.1 / 14757/ 25.7.2011 (GG 1659 /B).

Soon, ADS selected in each country's laws are to operate as "one stop shops" for establishing partnerships and limited companies all forms (approx. First Article 2 and Fri. 2d Article 4 of N.3853/2010 (GG 90 /A).

2. Service activities and Procedures by electronic means. Based on modern design politokentriko service, has developed the National Portal of Public Administration "Hermes" (and- Government Portal), Information for citizens and businesses and secure processing of electronic transactions from a central point.

Through the National Portal of Public Administration "Hermes", citizens can:

Inform, through Thematic Index,detail the procedures which involve the KEP, the required documents and conditions for the submission of the application.

Submit, through the "Online Services" and then write in "Hermes", electronic application for a simple certification, which subsequently received from the CRC of their choice.

To find contact information and addresses of ADS through the "ADS Catalog». The search can be performed, by geographical area or, through words - keys.

Also, implementation of Directive 2006/123/EC incorporated into domestic law by the N.3844/2010 (Gazette 63 / A '/ 03.05.2010) and to facilitate access to service activities and their exercise in the member states of the EU, Applications may be submitted from a distance and by electronic means (articles have been indexed 7, 8, 9, of the Law), regarding 200 procedures within the scope of this Directive, via single contact, working on the websitewww.ermis.gov.gr (στην επιλογή Eugo).

Alternatively, and for the completion of these procedures and have established a physical presence to act as single point of contact 54 ADS (see. Annex 2). For complete procedures within the scope of that Directive by the CCP set to act as single point of contact, conducted training for their staff to a) can be served, and nationals of other Member States of the EU. and b) can carry out electronic processes that are embedded in these.

Also for the handling of all processes within the scope of the Directive set specific deadlines within which the administration has authorized the applicant to. Should one deadline for the registration elapses without action, presumed that the administration has agreed to issue the said license (activation of the provisions of paragraph. 4 a. 10 of N. 3230/2004, GG 44 A/11-02-2004).




Public services facilitate information to citizens, social dialogue, criticism and statutory audit, without requiring the citizen to establish a special interest.

General, the obligation of public officials to provide information to citizens derives from a number of provisions of both the Constitution and the simple legislator, from the case, from their service obligation and the principle of good administration.

Με βάση τα ανωτέρω, in any public service, especially those who attend many operators, must be authorized officials responsible for public information (ref. The DISKPO/F.2/9967/15-5-2006 DIDK/F.2/3646/6-2-2008 and circulars for the operation Citizen Reception Office in the area of ​​public services). This does not mean that the other agency officials have no obligation to provide, unless of course the information on the specific issues of competence and basic information to citizens about their cases are related to the general responsibilities of service.

The refusal to provide such information and indication even in mailboxes public services "do not give information" contradicts the very nature of public service.

Under the general obligation of public agencies to operate with transparency and to inform citizens, every citizen can take note, subject to the requirements of the law, administrative documents and private documents, held in public services, and is on his case now pending therein or handled by them. The official does not preclude the right of public access to documents under the guise of privacy, particularly when there are no such (article 5 n.2690/1999 as applicable).

In addition to, administrative authorities shall facilitate re-use documents issued or held by public sector bodies, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, take care and ensure compliance with the terms and conditions for the proper reuse of citizens and businesses (law 3448/2006 (Gazette 57 / A) "For the re-use of public sector and regulate issues concerning the Ministry of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization ").

Recalled, no, that in order to obtain timely and accurate information to citizens, transparency and effective control of the government and administrative action, to n. 3861/2010 (Gazette 112 / A '/ 13.07.2010) "Increasing transparency through the mandatory publication of laws and acts of government, διοικητικών και αυτοδιοικητικών οργάνων στο διαδίκτυο "Πρόγραμμα Διαύγεια" και άλλες διατάξεις », established mandatory suspension Internet Laws, regulatory acts and general acts of the government and administrative bodies, provided by the provisions of paragraph. 4 Article 2 of this Act,subject to the rules on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data and sensitive secrets.

It is noted here that the suspension acts on the internet is not the place of publication in the Government Gazette or other forms of publicity in the relevant legislation (Fri. 1 Article 4, of N.3861/2010 and DISKPO/F.8/oik.16752/22-7-2010 and 20868/29-9-2010 relevant circulars).

Also,στον Κυβερνητικό Διαδικτυακό τόπο της Δημόσιας Διοίκησης "ΕΡΜΗΣ», the email address "http://www.ermis.gov.gr», Any interested party may seek an easy, simple and innovative manner any information wishes throughout the Public Service and to perform secure electronic transactions and speed of their choice, without the need to be physically present in the competent Public Service.

In an effort to directly, correct and accurate information to citizens and enterprises on activities and initiatives developed in the field of Public Administration issued the electronic newspaper "journalist", which was posted on the web every Tuesday National Portal of Public Administration "Hermes", με τη μορφή newsletter, under the name "journalism" (http://www.ermis.gov.gr/portal/page/portal/ermis/newsletter) (ref. the circular DISKPO/F.19/oik.16079/13-7-2010).

In the headlines "journalists" are included, including, notices of public administrations and public-sector entities for recruitment and transfers while the content of the newspaper is enriched with current topics of general interest such actions to upgrade the service quality of public administration to citizens and businesses, improving relations State - Citizen etc.

The administrative authorities should formulate information and communication in general and e-government services within their competence, manner, that they are user friendly, to ensure and enhance equity of access to information and e-government services and take into account the special access needs of certain groups or individuals, and in particular people with disabilities (Law 3979/2011 "For e-governance and other provisions", article 4, Fri. 7).

At this point, noted again that, as clearly stated in Article 8 of n.3861/2010 ("Enhancing transparency ...", Gazette 112 / A) and Article 5 of n.3979/2011 ("For e-governance and other provisions", Gazette 138 / A), there is an obligation of all the authorities to post in a conspicuous place of their website contact officials at OU (phone numbers, Fax, e-mails) and proceed directly to the updating of these data, in case of any changes in their.


Simplification of procedures  


In the direction of better service to citizens apply provisions for administrative simplification, reduce the processing time and the drastic reduction of the administrative and financial burdens for citizens and entrepreneurs.

In this context initiated the abolition documents and replace them with affirmation of N. 1599/1986.

1. Remove documents and replacing them with affirmation of N.1599/1986 (Gov. 75A), Implementation of the provisions of Article 10 of N.3230/2004 (Gov. 44A). Until now been abolished and replaced by a solemn declaration of N. 1599/1986:

  • certificates of non-prosecution and non-trial in all administrative procedures.
  • submitting a copy of criminal record, in 150 administrative procedures Ministries Development, Competitiveness and Shipping, Health and Social Solidarity, Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, Citizen Protection etc..
  • η υποβολή πιστοποιητικού περί μη θέσεως σε δικαστική συμπαράσταση και αντιγράφου ποινικού μητρώου ως δικαιολογητικών .

2. Spontaneous search documents. Further, always within the framework of improving citizen service applies the measure of automatic search documents by management (services of the Ministries, of Public Entities, of a OTA’ and b’ degree and the Devolved Administrations), which is provided by N. 3242/2004 and N. 3448/2006. Divided into mandatory and automatic search in automatic search with consent of concerned.

Initially, introduced the automatic search with consent of the person concerned (Art. 5 of N. 3242/2004 -GG 102 A), according to which services are required to seek, with the consent of the citizen, 182 supporting.

The mandatory automatic search introduced by the provision of Article 16 of N. 3448/2006 (GG 57 A). According to this provision, the administration must necessarily seek each 29 documents subject to this process from the current regulatory framework, order to process requests from citizens.

Η διαφορά ανάμεσα στα δύο είδη αναζήτησης είναι ότι στην πρώτη περίπτωση ζητείται η ρητή συναίνεση του πολίτη ενώ στη δεύτερη η υπηρεσία ενημερώνει τον ενδιαφερόμενο ότι θα αναζητηθούν .

The process is the same in both cases. A citizen makes a public service applications for the processing of documents requiring interim. Then, The service handles the request seeking the documents subject to specific procedures by sending a fax document, notify their adoption service within 24 hours. The latter is required in 48 hours of receipt of the request to send the requested documents via fax competence in home service, to proceed with the issue of an administrative act.

The list of all the documents being searched automatically and any other relevant information is given on www.ydmed.gov.gr, Administrative Reform in the path – Public Administration – Spontaneous Search Documents.



A key criterion for determining the time reception of the public in public services, τους ΟΤΑ, ΝΠΔΔ και λοιπούς φορείς του Δημοσίου, was the best service and convenience for citizens in their dealings with public services. Specifically:

The entrance to the public in public services, the OTA. first and second degree and other public entities for which it was not limited to the public curfew (12.00-14.30) every working day 09.00–15.00. Maintained special arrangements for hours entering public bodies and government agencies.

Especially for the Internal Revenue Service (DOY) and Public Management, the input end of the joint defined in 14.30, without prejudice to the designated start time of the public input, currently in force. However, if there is cooperation,  (eg. υποχρέωση κατάθεσης χρημάτων μετά το πέρας των συναλλαγών), with credit institutions and it becomes difficult, then the public entrance permitted until 14.00.

Entering public office protocol and reception desks allowed by Citizens 07.30-15.30. This setting does not apply to the Offices of Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Chairman of the Board, Governors and Deputy Governors Public Entities. Also do not apply those hours of public input to the Central Office of the Ministry of National Defense and Foreign, to which are specifically set out in these days and hours of receiving public.

Reminded that they raised, με την αρ.πρωτ.ΔΙΑΔΠ/ΦΒ1 / 14757/25-7- 2011 (GG 1659 B) The Minister of Administrative Reform and eGovernment, Input current hours of service to citizens and public services, Local Authorities, Public entities and other public bodies, which were designated notwithstanding specific provisions, or decisions of the Ministerial authorization Fri. 6 Article 1 of n.1157/1981. In this sense, not introduced for all services and service curfew citizens 09.00-15.00, since, remained in force for special arrangements for hours of public input.

Note that it is not permissible departments and agencies of the State to amend the schedule to accommodate citizens suddenly, overturning practices long, since thereby impermissibly caused great inconvenience to the public. before any alteration of hours of public input should inform the public that systematically and conveniently.

Specifically, Ministries should be posted on their site and indeed in much need point, easily accessible to citizens, hours of public input as their own, and overseen by those agencies, order for the citizen to know the hours can appear for public services and institutions.




(i) Improve accessibility to the natural and built environment

1. Pursuant to paragraph 6 Article 21 Constitution, "People with disabilities have the right to benefit from measures that ensure the autonomy, occupational integration and participation in social, economic and political life of the country ". Given this constitutional requirement and the general principle that public administration should guarantee all citizens the same opportunities to exercise their rights,ηέλλειψηof Accessibility Infrastructure, goods and services is infringement of fundamental rights the disabled.

2. With the provisions of Article 1 of PD. 13/2005 "Creation Units Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization (YP.ES.D.D.A.) and regulated entities. " introduced the obligation for immediate compliance by all Public Service,Ν.Π.Δ.Δ. and OTA. first and second degree in the direction of taking all necessary measures to ensure accessibility and other facilities for people with disabilities in their areas of operation. In this context, including, All covered entities must prepare an annual basis σχέδιοAction (planning), implementation schedule, costing and financing Disabled accessibility projects in buildings responsibility, accordance with the specifications laid down by the legislation in force (GOK).

3. To address the issue of limited accessibility of some buildings occupied by public authorities, accordance with the provisions of paragraph 6 Article 31 of N. 3013/2002 (Gov. A/102/01.05.2002), provided that "The CSC. housed in rooms accessible to people with disabilities under the provisions of the General Construction Regulations ", since the CSC. by their very nature are a constant channel of communication between citizens and the entire Administration providing information and services and, consequently, be fully accessible people with disabilities and generally all hindered people.

4. In order to improve traffic Accessibility Program applies "Accessibility of Municipalities' with which our office intervene at local level, namely all OTA. and a second degree, to implement a systematic program Accessibility, με σκοπό την άμεση συμμόρφωση των προαναφερόμενων Ο.Τ.Α. to the existing obligation to take all necessary measures to create accessible chain which connects, with accessible sidewalks and intersections along a given path, the accessible facilities and infrastructure areashigh traffic. The proposed actions should always be designed to test the possibility of chain access to buildings which house activities related .

5. Focusing on the specific needs of people with disabilities and to raise awareness of people with disabilities and their families as well as faster and uninterrupted service from all public services, issued in print and

the electronic form "Citizen's Guide with disabilities", about the services and information relating to disabled people, at European and national level, by theme. The "Citizen's Guide to Disability" has already been distributed and continues to distribute a public service and to interested citizens and is also the site ininin.anddmed.gov.gr. The same web site, besides, can be found all the circulars of our Service, and the legal framework, route outbound Links / Disabilities.


(ii) Improving e-Accessibility

1. The Yp.Di.M.I.D, a funding agency, in collaboration with the Information Society (Society SA) as the implementing agency and the National Centre for Social Solidarity (EKKA) as operator, under the project "Access for Persons with Disabilities (Disabilities) eGovernment services », created the first specialized portal (www.amea.gov.gr) for people with disabilities, their clubs, welfare agencies and businesses operating in the sector. Commencing portal provides specialized support services, Advisory, Information and Communication, fully accessible to all forms of disability.

2. The new website Ministry of Administrative Reform and eGovernment (www.ydmed.gov.gr) is designed for maximum accessibility for all users, regardless of the access device(desktop, κινητό τηλέφωνο ή tablet) or the capabilities of the user(High Contrast option, large font size, αναλυτικός χάρτης /sitemapκ.α)

3. According to the provisions of paragraph. 8 Article 4 of v. 3979/2011 (Gazette A/138) "For e-governance and other provisions", the design and implementation of eGovernment services and the development and procurement of relevant information and communication systems and services should be guided by the ensure e-accessibility for people with disabilities and the potential use of the services of these.

(iii) Priority service for people with disabilities in the public service

The People with Disabilities attending all public services and CSC. the country must be served in priority (number. first. DIADP/V/9281/15-5-2003 circular).

To this end it should be posted in a conspicuous special point to bear in legible letters the words:

"The people served priority '.




1. Ενδικοφανής προσφυγή, αίτηση θεραπείας και δικαίωμα αναφοράς του πολίτη.

Management, when adopting any individual administrative act, must inform the person, with this act, and any possibility of, against it, intended by the provisions of Article 25 of n.2690/1999, specific administrative or quasi-judicial action and make mention of the responsibility for examining the body, period, and the consequences of failure to exercise the (article 16 of n.2690/1999).

Also, noted that, when the relevant provisions, does not foresee the possibility of specific administrative or quasi-judicial action, he is entitled, upon request, request either by the authority which issued the act, revocation or amendment (treatment demand), either, by the authority chair that the act, its cancellation (jerarchiki appeal) (article 24 of n.2690/1999).

End, noted that, Article 10 the Constitution guaranteed the right to "petition", giving thus enabling citizens to be stated in writing at the beginning, they are obliged to act quickly when the current provisions and reasoned reply to the person who submitted the petition.

Therefore, if you can not exercise the aforementioned actions, he can, upon request, to seek redress or reverse the damage, if any occurred against, from acts or omissions of the administrative authority (reference - Article 27 of n.2690/1999).

2. The citizen can approach additionally, in addition to the possibility of recourse to the courts, for the submission of complaints, performing such checks for the acts or omissions of the administration, to the following entities, as follows:

i) in Anexartiti Authority Ombudsman established by Law 2477/97 and began operations on October 1 1998. The legislative framework of its operation is governed by the provisions of N.3094/03.

The Ombudsman investigates individual administrative acts or omissions or material actions of bodies of public services that infringe or interfere with legitimate interests of natural or . Investigates, also, acts or omissions of government and individuals that violate the rights of the child. Every citizen, Before resorting to the Authority, should have come into contact with the public service to which it relates, the case. Only if such contact with the public service has not led to a resolution of the problem may file petition to the Ombudsman.

For fuller information the, citizens may call to this Principle (tel. 210-7289600) and / or visit the website (www.synigoros.gr).

ii) στοΓενικό Επιθεωρητή Δημόσιας Διοίκησηςαποστολή του οποίου είναι η διασφάλιση της εύρυθμης και αποτελεσματικής λειτουργίας της Δημόσιας Διοίκησης, monitoring and evaluating the work of Inspector-Auditor of Public Administration and all the particular body and Inspection Service and Control of the Public Administration, and the identification of corruption and misrule.

For fuller information the, citizens may call (tel. 210-6470370) and / or visit the website of the General Inspector of Public Administration (www.gedd.gr).

iii) at Inspectors-Controllers Administration (S.E.E.D.D.) whose mission is to ensure the smooth and effective functioning of the Public Administration, labeling phenomena maladministration, Corruption, opaque procedures, inefficiency, low productivity and poor quality of service.

For fuller information the, citizens may call(τηλ. 213-2158801, -8802, -8804)ή / και να επισκέπτονται την ιστοσελίδα του εν λόγω Σώματος (www.seedd.gr).




Note the obligation of the administration to comply with judicial decisions as an essential element of the rule of law and a constitutional requirement under the provisions of paragraph. 5 Article 95 Constitution.

The screening procedure for the detection of non-compliance of management with judgment begins at the request of the party concerned not free in the court that issued the judgment or to the secretariat of the relevant Supreme Court, η οποία τη διαβιβάζει χωρίς καθυστέρηση προς το αρμόδιο τριμελές συμβούλιο (ref. Presidential Decree. 61/2004, A Gazette 54/19.02.2004), determined in each case by the provisions of Article 2 of N. 3068/2002"Compliance Management in judicial decisions" (ΦΕΚ Α 274/14.11.2002), as amended by Article 56 του N. 3900/2010"Streamlining processes and accelerate administrative proceedings and other provisions" (Government Gazette 213/17.12.2010).




The citizen has the opportunity to denounce incidents of misconduct, unjustified failure to accommodate him, untimely handling affairs,άρνησης συνεργασίας με τα ΚΕΠ των υπαλλήλων του Δημοσίου και των ΝΠΔΔ, any breach of officials of the CRC is a disciplinary offense under the applicable provisions and non-observance of the simplification of procedures and rules to combat bureaucracy, Addressing the ICE and the choice of completing standard application-complaint.

The citizen's complaint is handled by the department of Yp.Di.M.I.D. (N / Address State-Citizen Relations, N / Department of Organization and Operation ADS, N / Address Procedure Simplification and Productivity).Ο Υπουργός Δι.Μ.Η.Δ. may exercise disciplinary, accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

Note finally that the citizen, can communicate with the Department of State-Citizen Relations our Service, order, if it considers that the service that transacts not operating according to its mission and the public interest, To submit an application or petition, make suggestions for the better functioning of public administration or updated on intended for processing deadlines for citizens and their right to apply for the payment of full compensation in the event of non-compliance with these deadlines.

In addition to,ο πολίτης μπορεί να επικοινωνήσει μετη ΔιεύθυνσηAIMPLIFICATION Process and Productivityτης Υπηρεσίας μας, to submit proposals to simplify procedures and make comments about the curfew on public services and public issues of accessibility for people with disabilities.

Also, the citizen, can communicate with Directorate of Organisation and Operation ADS our Service, order, where estimates that the CRC which deal not operating according to its mission and the public interest, To submit an application or petition, make suggestions for better operation of ADS or be informed about issues ADS.

Closing, καλούμε τους δημοσίους υπαλλήλους, in this difficult time prevailing in the country, make every effort utilizing their knowledge and experience, to improve the quality of services offered by public administration to citizens and businesses, contributing to social cohesion and economic development, while facilitating everyday life.

We know that the relevant circular has been posted on the website of our Service: www.ydmed.gov.gr.

The General Directorate of Administrative Organization and Procedures of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and eGovernment remains at your disposal for any further clarification and cooperation.


1 Ministry of Administrative Reform and eGovernment N / Address State-Citizen Relations Vas. Σοφίας 15 ΤΚ. 106 74, ATHENS. Αττάλογλου Α. 2132018030 2132018011 aattaloglou @ mo
2 Apokentromeni
Administration Attica
Δ / νση Διοίκησης
Κατεχάκη 56
ΤΚ.115 25 ΑΘΗΝΑ
Lappas W. 2132035695 2106709731
3 AAdministration pokentromeni Macedonia- Thrace N / Department Administration T.Oikonomidi & Καθ.Ρωσσίδου 11ΤΚ. 540 08, THESSALONIKI Kourakis Ch. 2313309182 2313309412 xkouraki@damt.g ov.gr
4 Aποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Ηπείρου- Western Macedonia Δ / νση Οικονομικού Βορείου Ηπείρου 20Τ.Κ.454 45, IOANNINA Ascending Dose. 2651360341 2651360341 dosis@epirus.gov.gr
5 Apokentromeni Administration of Thessaly-
Central Greece
Δ / νση ΔιοίκησηςΣωκράτους 111
ΤΚ. 413 36, LARISSA
Gkouvani W. 2413503578 2413503557 ddgram@apdthes t.gov.gr
6 Apokentromeni Administration Peloponnese- Δυτικής Ελλάδας- Ionian N / Address DioikisisNea National Road Patras- Αθηνών 28Τ.Κ.264 41, PATRA Dr Stathis. 2613600115 2610433794 cstathi@apd- depin.gov.gr
7 ApokentromeniAdministration Aegean Independent Department of Internal ElenchouAkti Miaoulis& Mpotsari 2-8, Τ.Κ.  185  38, Piraeus A Seklou. 2104290933 2104291553
8 ApokentromeniAdministration Crete Δ / νση ΔιοίκησηςΑλμυρού 14
Kokkalis K. 2810278440 2810342187 pkokkall @ crete- region.gr





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