Address Cemeteries

Address Cemeteries
Αναπληρωτής Προϊστάμενος Διεύθυνσης : Πολυμενίδης Ιωάννης

Address : Cemetery Volos - location Cuckoo-NR. Volos - Larissa

Phone: 24210 95720

E-mail : koukos0@


1. Department of Administrative and Financial Support

Chief : Τσιφλόγλου Ιωάννης


2. Τμήμα Συντήρησης και Κατασκευής Έργων

Chief : Πολυμενίδης Ιωάννης



The Division of Cemeteries responsible  for the proper and efficient operation of cemeteries former intermunicipal association cemeteries of former municipalities of Volos and Nea Ionia. The specific responsibilities of the Division in its mission, determined by the provisions of legislation, Decrees and Ministerial Decisions.

  • Observe the operating procedures of municipal Cemetery accordance with applicable regulations and specific operating regulations of the City.
  • Update and inform people about the actions needed to handle administrative affairs relating to the central municipal services, competence of Cemeteries.
  • Ensure authorization of burial and cremation.
  • Ensure the safekeeping, safety, cleanliness and decency of the facilities of Cemeteries.
  • Observe the procedures and records related to financial transactions of the citizens as to the operation of cemeteries
  • Conducts daily receipts and attach them to the fund of the City.
  • Monitor the satisfaction of liabilities of the debtors to the Cemeteries and inform the competent services for arrears.
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