Instructions for the gate “Hermes”

To make use of e-Services portal “Hermes” be sign up here.

Why Register;

Subscribe to The Mercury provides citizens with a variety of services and tools that are primarily aimed at improving the level of service from the Public Administration. By subscribing to the Mercury, citizens acquire immediate access to the following services:


  • A registered user may use the services of an electronic submission related to the issuance of certificates / licenses / certificates, etc.. For these services, the user submits via an online application Hermes to the CRC of choice. When the CRC processing the request, the user goes to a specific CRC to receive the final document.
  • It also has the ability to use electronic processing services provided by Hermes, and take on-line the same output document. To gain ability to use these services, required physical identification of the citizen (only once) any ADS. Among the electronic processing services include providing certificates of birth certificates and family status of the National Municipal Roll, Registrations issuing copies of birth, Wedding, Death of the Special Registry Office, Certification by the ELGA and many other services.


  • A registered user gains access to personal e-mail box. In the mailbox stored in electronic form, the various certificates issued by the user via electronic processing services, which are accessible by the user for the period of validity.
  • It also has the ability to track the history of electronic transactions, be informed about the progress of requests, but also to take immediate information on who can use the certificate in Public Administration.
  • A registered user can end up saving the output document online service to file and submit the file to the ACC or any other entity requesting the document. Through this file will be checked by the recipient of the validity of the document.

Configuring personal page

  • A registered user can manage its profile and to modify their password.
  • It also has access to the personal page of which is capable of storing services that interest and other related content of Mercury to be able in the future to seek easily.

Management of digital certificates

  • A registered user can submit an electronic application for a digital certificate and proceed to issue.
  • Can also cancel the digital certificates already issued.
  • A registered user can finally use digital certificates in electronic services of Mercury.


  • A registered user gains access to the forum, where they can participate in newsgroups with other users.
  • You can also subscribe to any of the newsletters and receive them at regular intervals to e-mail the.
  • A registered user is finally able to participate in surveys and polls Mercury, and commenting branded content displayed on pages.

Users of HCC ( you will need to register again in the National Portal "Hermes" to be able to use the advanced security features that gives them the gate.

Electronic Services of Public Administration National Portal ermis

The set of e-services are divided into two different categories, depending on feasibility through internet.


Services with electronic submission

These functions enable you to submit them electronically from the gate ermis but you should go to the ACC of your choice to receive the corresponding certificate / certificate produced by the service.
View services with electronic submission


Services with full electronic processing

These functions enable you to perform the gate ermis and complete them on-line. The product of service (βεβαίωση / certificate) stored in the electronic mailbox for a specified period which is accessible by you.

View services with electronic processing
To run an online service of the gate ermis, should go directly to anyCitizen Service Center (ADS), to certify the correctness of data required.

View detailed instructions
End, you can find and run the new service check validity of electronic documents available to the general public, and confirms the validity of the documents produced by the National Portal of Public Administration ermis.
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