Electronic Services

The Electronic Services of Volos implemented through platform “Hermes”.

Σχετικά με την πύλη Ermis

Η πύλη Ermis , is the single Government Portal of Public Administration to inform citizens and businesses, and provide secure eGovernment services.

The National Portal of Public Administration is the single ermis Government Portal of Public Administration to inform citizens and businesses, and the safe handling of eGovernment services. Ο Ermis αποσκοπεί, through a set of actions, the overall modernization of the Public Administration and the provision of value added services to the citizen.

The Government Gateway provides a central point of complete information to citizens and businesses on all their transactions with the Public Administration (physical or electronic), and selected services Electronic Transactions through which citizens can electronically longer be served by the Public Administration. On the operational side, Gateway ermis is the "online department store" of public administration and moves in three main areas relating:

Provision of information

Providing information on integrated collection and organize the necessary information from the entire public administration and disposal of the Internet for reliable information for citizens and businesses in their trade and interaction with the state apparatus.

This information is available to the public with 5 different ways to search:

  • The section "my needs" through which the availability of all services / information related to a specific need or event (eg. "Insure" , "Travels", "I lost my wallet").
  • The section "Depending on the subject matter" through Thematic Index, in which all the information is organized according to the subject matter to which belongs each subjects (π.χ. "People, Koinotiteegai Living ") , divided into subcategories , to better organize and view information (π.χ. Family, Home, Registers and Municipal Roll).eg
  • The section "depending on your capacity" through Thematic Index is available where all services / information pertaining to a particular citizenship status (π.χ. "Public Ypegiloi», "Private servant") or company / organization (π.χ. 'Manufacturing', 'Freelancers').eg
  • The section "public bodies", through which the user has the ability to display all the available services / information and communication related to the organization that has chosen.
  • From the main "Search" the portal through which the user has the possibility to search by keywords services / information available at the gate.


The ermis provides the necessary infrastructure to fully support interoperability between the information systems of public administration. Also interoperability associated with developing applications for the provision of electronic transactions from a central point.

Registered users ermis can leverage a large number of electronic services or can be submitted electronically to any ADS or handled fully electronically from the user.

Transaction Security

The ermis provides secure eGovernment services in each level by using scalable digital authentication methods. Depending on the type of data handled in the context of the submission of the service, the ermis supports different levels of authentication Citizens / Business.


  • Services for which only offered information about the process and supporting documents, not require an ID identification (is available to all users ermis - registered or not).
  • Services for which it is possible online application, Simple user registration and use the username / password supplied to him.
  • Services for which it offers a full electronic processing, require user registration and identification of natural (once) any ADS.
  • Rapidly, supported the possibility of identifying the user by means of digital certificates to be used for digital signature, authentication and encryption.

The National Portal of Public Administration ermis an object of the project "Study and Development of the Central Government Portal of the Public Administration for Information & Safe Handling of Electronic Trading Citizens / Business "with the implementing agency Information Society SA. (IS SA) and operator and finance the Ministry of Interior - General Secretariat of Public Management and eGovernment.

The Project is funded by the Operational Program "Information Society", in the CSF, in percentage 80% by the European Union and 20% National Resources.

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