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A series of versions, which includes the corruption of the name Iolcos, the D. K. Tsopotos prefers the Greek name Volos, which means the place and the way falling nets at sea. Is a derivative of the word shot. This is because the area were fishermen. The Golos, Tsopotos considers the corruption of Volos.

Unlike, Athos Trigonis, starting from Golos, finds that the place name derived from the Slavic gol, which means naked, bald or by means golos Head Office.

That view John Kordatos and linguist C. N. Hadjidakis.

The acceptance of this version, supported by the following historical reality : At the end of 8th century, Thessaly suffered many invasions by Slavs who flooded the area between Velestinou and Volos.


Brief Chronology.

The area of ​​ancient Iolkou, with dozens of small towns, inhabited from prehistoric and ancient times to the Roman era, the thousand year old Byzantium, the Frankish domination.

First as Iolcos and Pagases and later as Dimitriada-name taken from the settler Demetrius Demetrius-.

Dimitriada, which had been built in the area of ​​Pefkakia, flourished, with the same name, and during the Byzantine period and only during the Turkish transferred, for fear of pirates, Castle's Old Volos. Exactly where archaeologists have discovered a rich layering (starts from ancient Iolcus and reaches Justinian walls and churches of the late Byzantine era).

Volos times of Turkish occupation, reported by a number of travelers and historians. The Coronelli describes a campaign of the famous Venetian Morosini Marshal, at the Castle of Volos.

The C. Constance D. Filippídis write about Castle Golou and describe the bazaar is held there every Saturday.

For the bargain speak and other authors.

A dictionary of 1826, stating "city fortress, wall, mosque, synagogue and bath ". Foremost of these, only a section of the wall and, in poor condition, hammam (bath).

The Ambelakia Leonardos, the 1833, writes of "capacitive port, with any trade ladder and one hundred ospitia of Pellets ". Refers to the small settlement near the ladder, "The kaffeneia and billiards" that exist there.

This small settlement is the core of Volos beginning to grow, halfway 19th century.

In 1850, the Mezieres after describing the Castle and the dirty district, ends: "But here some years, have built, east of the Castle, houses with beautiful appearance, shops and warehouses that form a long way in the seashore. This new district called Shops ". When Athos Trigonis-who translated the text from French- warehouses and stores were among the current routes Jason and Dimitriados.

The name Old Magazeia brought-for years- and today, beyond the hill towards the sea , Quarter of the Old.

With time, the city extends eastward. Built fine houses while increasing commercial traffic in the port. The Gays says that after establishing (1852) Austrian trading house Lud, approaching the ladder large merchant ships, which unload and receive goods.

The Greek Consul appointed in Volos 1853 and , between 1855-1856, appointed and the Consul of England.


While constantly building new homes, Turks, in the wake of uprisings 1854 Pelion, prohibit the reconstruction for approximately five years, as we chronicle the Magnes. He describes the contrast of a dirty, Turkish castles and beautiful new city.

The Rimatisidis, the 1875 about, Volon describes as "a city newly, oraiotatin, having 2000 houses "that has, also, the church of St. Nicholas, a school and a girls'.

on 2 November 1881, the Greek Army releases Volos. Then begins, a new era , a time of great development.

In April of 1884, inaugurated the railway line connecting Volos with the plain and mainland Greece. At the end of the 19th century created the railway line Volos- Miles.

Simultaneously founded the first bank, The "Premium Panthessaliki".

Trade in agricultural goods decreases except that tobacco, which begins to flourish. Built large warehouses and thousands of people working in these.

The city's population increased at an impressive rate. While in the first census, immediately after the liberation and the creation of the Municipality Pagasaion (so called the Municipality of Volos), residents reach the 4987, second, made after eight years more than doubled (11020) and reach , early 20th century, their 23563.

Along with the tobacco trade, develops and industry by creating large mills, mills and, later, metals industry.

In 1908 founded the "All Workers Center", the first Labour Centre of Greece. Also, pioneering "Senior Girls" whose creator, the director and teachers implicated for "atheism and perverting the Greek language", in the famous trial of Nafplio.

In 1920, Volos is located in the heyday. Only the exterior of the trade reaches 112 million golden drachmas and the city numbers, more, 30046 residents.

The Asia Minor catastrophe will arrest this rapid growth as Volos receives waves of desperate refugees.

Locals embrace those of downtrodden people, which incorporate the, forward-looking and hardworking, develop the area given to them by the State in a big settlement that, in the late 40, will form the municipality of Nea Ionia.

From interwar, mainly, develops and intellectual life of the country. Literati, writers poets, Create a Collection, publish magazines and books, show events. Volos acquires Municipal Theatre, a beautiful building, Square Riga Fereou. The spiritual tradition has continued uninterrupted to the present day.

The German occupation and the Civil mark Volos, like all the towns and villages in the country. Hunger, unhappiness, poverty, destroyed by bombing and then arrests, blood sister, deportations.

A state of darkness and inhumanity.

In space 1954-1957, Volos is tested by a series of natural disasters. Potent and multiple earthquakes caused almost leveling the city destroyed most buildings, thousands homeless and frozen economic activities. Followed by severe flooding torrents city, the 1955 and the 1957, affecting mainly the regional districts, and worsened the situation.

From flooding Volos lamented 36 dead.

The beautiful neoclassical destroyed by earthquakes.

Everything,what remains of the natural disasters in apoteleiose hoe contractors.

A new city is being built, with blocks in place of mansions, of flats and overdrafts, in place of blooming gardens.

The new city of Volos, since the 60 and beyond, acquires beautiful Town Hall, new Municipal Theatre, University, stores, buildings of modern architecture.

In extreme neighborhoods you can see even flower gardens in their backyards, smell the jasmine and carnations, meet people who have the human relations between.

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