Municipal Section N.Ionia

Nea Ionia is the second largest municipality in the prefecture of Magnesia, after the Municipality of Volos, in which is a single urban complex. Natural boundary between the city of Volos and the City of N. Ionia is the river Krafsidonas. The population according to Census 2001, is 32.979 katoikous.O population of the entire conurbation is 123.119 residents.

The history of the place is directly connected to the Asia Minor disaster, the burning of Smyrna and uprooting 1.500.000 Greeks of Asia Minor in August 1922 of the flourishing ancestral homes.
In late autumn 1924 in the arid region of Ksirokampos over the torrent Krafsidona, began to be created in the first phase, the first refugee homes 2.000 about people, Squares creating called the refugee settlements of Volos, Nea Ionia. In summer 1925 called Concrete erected to the west of the main square and a few years Stone, west, where together with Tzamaliotika and the east German, and stay there permanently until today - some of them with the old, their first form - giving the Nea Ionia one special character.
Up to 1947 were a single municipality together with Volos ,the municipality Pagason.Me royal decree for political reasons it was decided to split from Volos.

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