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Tavern "Agnanti" Pelion-Kitchen-Georgia Karkala Saint Blaise Phone. 6942951426, 6944578472

Lavrentia Athanasiou

ROOMS Lavrentia Athanasius Saint Lawrence Tel. 2428096242, Mobile 6979740629

Guest room “Sarafi”

Guest room “Sarafi” Saint Lawrence Tel. – Fax. 2428096377 Mob. 6997016430


Hotel “Dryads” Saint Lawrence Tel. 24280 96110/96224 Fax. 2428096100 Mob. 6937050473

Mansion 1716

“1716 Mansion″ - Tasiopoulos Vaios ‘St. Lawrence tel. – Fax. 2428096002 Mob. 6944874510 – 6947693030

Guest Evangelia thick

Guest Evangelia thick Paleocastro Tel. 24280-94487

Guest Terpou

Traditional Guesthouse Terpou Saint Blaise Tel. 6942951426, 6944578472

Sophia Fassoulides

Rooms Category A-Sophia Fassoulides In the center of the beach overlooking the sea and Mount Pelion for a pleasant stay. (Amenities:Triple and Double Rooms, Private Bathroom, Full Kitchen,  AirCondition, Individual t.v., Parking lot in the enterprise, Central heating). Platanidia Tel. 24280-93611, 6945542933

Palio Olive

Traditional Guesthouse "Palio Olive» Τηλ. 24280-96481

Ellie Tsaroucha

Tourist Accomodation (4 until 6 people) -Ellie Tsaroucha Saint Lawrence Tel. 24210-38083, 24280-96305