Race “Sacrifice and Remembrance”


The Match

The popular race under the name "WILD - DRAKIA 2010" set your race 'sacrifice and memory "in memory of 118 Drakeioton executed in Drakeia on 18 December 1943


The race sacrifice and memory 'WILD - DRAKIA 2010 "will take place on 25 October 2009 a Sunday at 10:00 in the morning.

The start will be in the Hall of Agria on the coastal road at 10:00 in the morning.


Detailed description

The route starts in front of City Hall in Agria Agria Beach. Continues coast until the monument of Heroes at the intersection of the road and climbs DRAKIA left onto DRAKIA where he follows her to the main square in Drakeia. The route ends in front of the monument of those executed in the lower village square.

Table odometers

Table of distances and marking rules would. Table will be posted in proportion to the altitude.

Signage will be no per kilometer, on the asphalt with large and conspicuous figures in total distance of 10.5 km.

Graph elevation profile

The graph elevation profile will be on site with the notice and a form that will have athletes - runners.

Route Map

The route is simple , because the route goes over the asphalt ring road Agria - Drakeia without any detour or deviation.

Photo Gallery

The photographic material published in the fightsites of space but also insite of the Municipality of Agria.



In the popular race sacrifice and memory "Agria - Drakeia 2009 'right of participation of all those wishing a written request to the Secretariat of the race until one hour before the start of the race, City Hall of Agria.

For athletes under 18 years subject to written consent of guardian.


The categories of athletes / Gymnasts are as follows:

  • Men from 16 and over a route 10,5 km
  • Women 16 and over a route 10,5 km
  • Young people 13 – 16 years in route 6,5 km
  • Girls from 13 – 16 years in route 6,5 km


The popular race sacrifice will take place Sunday 25 October 2009 with start time 10:00 in the morning

Timeout exclusion

Timeout integration path defined as 2 hours from the start time.

Numbers athletes

All athletes are required to bear the sticker number to participate in the race in a visible place throughout the entire event. The number athletes will receive it by the secretariat.

Marking Route

The route does not require special labeling, a main junction in the village of Agria are indicators of the organization and the police.

External aid

Any form of external assistance (which aims to promote athlete) in athletes during the race. Each athlete receives foreign aid fraudulently and feasibility will be canceled by the organization.


Full equipment secretarial, stations support, table and material awards, ribbon termination, medical first-aid equipment, timers, Cars and buses transport athletes and officials of the race.


All athletes / athletes participating in the rally, and executives of the organization must maintain the property and the natural environment clean. The organization provided bags and waste baskets at all stations. After the match all bags and waste baskets will be removed from the organization.

Movement on asphalt - road

All athletes are required to move the asphalt road on the right side of the road as much as possible on the roadside. For greater safety and protection of participants will vehicle ahead of organizing the first athlete and will follow the competition vehicle behind the last athlete


During the race there will be three (3) feed points for the sportsmen and sportswomen of the event. These will be in:

  1. 4theχλμ, with water
  2. 8theχλμ, with water and isotonic
  3. termination with water and light snacks - sandwiches.

Obligatory extras

There is no mandatory equipment will be borne by participants. Proposed to run with lightweight sneakers, sleeved technical T-shirt and athletic shorts.

At the end of the match suggested that athletes have clothes to change, The bag and the clothes will be transferred from the start (Wormwood) the finish (Drakeia) bus organizing.

Cups, medals, Patents

  1. When the award winners will have:
  2. Cups to the first three winners of each category
  3. Commemorative medals and diplomas to all participants
  4. Souvenirs to all participants (shirts or hats or Belokas or other).


All athletes compete at their own risk and sign a declaration that they are healthy to participate in the race.

Records - Equity

Registration for participation in the race will take place daily at the offices of the Sports Organization of the Municipality of Agria and phone 2428092791. Also, registrations will be accepted on race day until an hour before the start, ie until 09:00 in the morning.


For more information please contact the offices of the Sports Organization of the Municipality of Agria to phone 2428092791

In charge of the fight with Mr. Nikos Mangitsi phone 6977456445 καιEmail :info@magitsis.gr

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