Theophilos Museum

ΟTheophilus was born in the suburb Varia Mytilene, One day in 1870. Him father, Spent shoemaker, his nameGabriel Kefalas and his mother, who was the daughter of a painter, they calledPenelope Michael and later,when her father claimed to worship the Holy Land, Hadjimichael. Pathological was love that seemed from the beginning the little Theophilus to his grandfather. Hrs sat and watched his work. And his grandfather when dusk, take him to his knees and there in front of the fireplace was telling old stories about Achilles, Hector, Alexander the Great, Erotokritos and a bunch of stuff.

APo the school years, his interest was concentrated only in the pictures. And as those described involved. The other kids at school being picked on. Left and stutterer, increasingly begins to close itself. Neither his physical physique bodes. And one day, over which archinousan Halloween, took the decision and wore skirts. Now wearing the costume not to proud to satiate paintings chieftains and other national heroes. And not jettisoned his entire life.

E.Chi grew surrendered his dreams, grounded only in goodness of his soul and the insatiable eye for beauty. He grabs the brush from an internal single impulse. Saturate a hunger chromatic. But he had, strength, this object of inspiration,the flower, the tree, the hero, not to be depicted as the seeing, but as he had mid m'oles portray the nuances of time and season,wandering days and nights, winters and summers in the countryside. In 15 to emigrate in Smyrna. For his life there are only scattered information.

ΟPanagiotis, his brother, All I knew is that Theophilus had succeeded appointed Kavasis Greek Consulate in Izmir, position gave him the option of wearing and there his favorite outfit and running errands. In the region of Magnesia first dated work found was a small self-portrait (0,28×0,40)which titloforouse “Theophilus Painter and sometimes chieftain and thyrofylax in Izmir 1899″. Other,όμως, who were particularly concerned with Theophilus and technique in painting, as the late Kitsos Makris, believed that the period he stayed in Smyrna should be considered the period of apprenticeship in traditional painting.

CHY,they believe, To regard Theophilus-taught is something I exclude his own works and especially his first in Pelion. At the end of the century,chased, as they say, by Turks wandered about 30 years in Volos and Pelion for a plate of food. The fact is that in the villages of Pelion centered Anakasia Ano Volos launches the first period of his painting activity. Wandering pedestrian to nearby villages and paint in homes and shops in various materials (sails,Cardboard, boards etc.) for a plate of food a glass of wine or a few coins. Here, in Anakasia, discovered him and the landowner and miller Yannis Kontos, like the painting – the first PILIORITIKO who appreciated his talent – and commissioned to decorate the house.

ΟShort offered him a room anthropinotero a dish homemade food and a better remuneration. In this hospitable home of miller Yannis Kontos Theophilus would find shelter and safety under the protection of the owner will create one of the most important and comprehensive works. In the mural has theme “Theodoros Kolokotronis subsumes into the lake Lernin Winners Dramali 1822″, read his signature and the year of construction. This fresco is considered to be the first built, followed by the remaining, which according to testimonies of former owners have gradually and lasted a few years.

TThe 1912 began painting decor of the lobby and specifically the 2nd floor. The painter decorating a room from the watermill in the gully of St. Onoufriou, set within a blue frame painted various heroes of Greek Revolution etc..

TThe painter's house near program is divided into two zones: the lower zone reaches halfway around the windows and the top reaches to just below the ceiling. In the lower zone Theophilus he painted various motifs, such a wide variety of potted flowers and birds, Lake with fountain, fish and ducks. Even wild animals and hunting scenes all wisely arranged, while to the left of the stairs next to the room door painted Yannis Kontos riding on his horse. Followed by the upper zone in which they are fourteen major themes taken from Greek Revolution 1821 for which he used as models, primarily, tables of Peter von Ess. confidently, Theophilus painted Rigas Fereos, body kremasthentos Patriarch Gregory, and Alexander Ypsilanti commander.

Afour pilasters of close aerial futsal, Theophilus painted four gods of Olympus. Mars,Venus, Hermes and Athena. The blank wall painted a large landscape painting on the Anakasia and depth Makrynitsa the ship of Portaria side of. In the sections above the windows and doors, filled the gaps with issues as the lower band,as potted flowers and birds, royal coat of arms, various reptiles etc.. The painting of the house nearby and in’ extension the entire work of the painter of the period of Volos, is strongly influenced by the Byzantine art, after the first lesson of, The painter took it from his grandfather, who called Konstantis Painter.

Xrisimopoiei colors in daring combinations, dark and open, depending on the importance of representations. A project completely different from the period of Mytilene which uses more halftones and which many scholars consider it more mature. Rich project that will let the painter in, where the city of Volos will paint in various cafes, taverns and inns, in which he found necessary for survival. In the nearby villages from Volos, as in Apple trees painted in the church of Agia Marina, Agios Vlassis home Gekas, the mill Kontogianni, the mill of Varalis, in Alli Meria in bakery Veletza, home Gkountelia etc..

AVolos city began its work in 1925 the settlement of refugees from Asia Minor in the region. Refugees built their shacks in various open spaces of the city, as the square Riga Fereou, Liberty Square and towards the end of the street Iolkou, in which the painter painted colorful signs with flowers and birds, various performances on the facades of shops etc., which a few years later, it 1930 destroyed by fire. Today,the large painting production of Theophilus in the region of Magnesia, a very small portion saved from, since most of his works were destroyed by earthquakes 1955, were destroyed by ignorance of their owners and others were removed from the area. Better luck had paintings of old houses in Pelion. These currently located at the Museum “Maywood Makris”. A very laborious and difficult achievement. The personally rescued himself with some workers when he saw these houses are demolished to build other newer. The rescued with much anxiety and trouble with the plaster that have their walls and turned in an excellent sculptor and restorer Dimitrios Zacharias, With only 2005 died. And most of, there was no painting or color tampering’ them.

Ηcreative course of Theophilus in Magnesia will be completed 1927, to return permanently to his native Mytilene. The second period is the period worked in his hometown of 1927 as his acquaintance with Teriad (Taki Eleftheriadis) it 1929. In his third season, 1929-1934, having secured permanent employer, dealing undistracted by painting. Through the collection of Teriad are: “The Gulf of Gera”, “The Lemnos Kechagias”, ”Meteora”, “The lady with the dogs” and “The picking of olives in Mytilene”. Five top pieces are evidence of amaranth was able to keep the talent of Theophilus as the later years of. When Teriad returned to his hometown, Mytilene, found waiting for him a small treasure of the projects created Theophilus. Only the painter absent. He died a few days earlier in the poor closet. Was 24 March 1934. The lady Nina Ladogiannicloses the tribute of two words of Seferis him:

After Theophilus, this apocalyptic folk, we do not see anymore in the same way. This is the thing that brought us not so notorious messengers large Academies. Theophilus gave us new eyes. He washed away our vision. Theophilos is a great artist and unforgivable unknown to us.”

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