User Input

Click the button to the right of the screen “Introduction” καιCompany Introduction” , Log in and add your business!!

If you do not have an account , create a here.

Once logged in you will be presented with a screen where you enter all the required fields needed.

The first field will indicate the name of the company.

In the second field will be inserted a short description.

On the right list of categories you choose exactly which area will display the business, for example if you want to appear in the wild-Hotels,will select the corresponding katigoria.Diladi subcategory hotels under Agria.

Then the bottom section “City Guide map matching”:

SelectedActivation map in this article and out on the map where it is just the business.

In this section”City Guide Custom Settings” :

Selected photo to the company and supplemented only fields :

Name Location

Physical Address


and Website.

Finally in the top right box “Publication” selected Submission Control.

This business has been entered will be checked by the competent department of the City and will soon appear on the website Public.

Thank you!!