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Museum of Agriculture and folk heritage MD. Drakia

A museum rural, folklore and cultural heritage will soon acquire Drakeia, something that will be unique in all of Pelion. The museum is worthy of its history Drakia who like village of Pelion, early last century, boasts rich cultural and architectural heritage of folklore. The specific venue will provide a reference point of the story of this martyr village, to the younger to be taught by the history of their.

The museum will be housed at the municipal building located next to the lower village square. This house was reconstructed suitable to become a museum.
The project budget of approximately 130.000 euro is part of the program LEADER PLUS. H tendering of the project was held on 13 January 2006, while the contractor is a consortium Papalexandrou – Alexiou. The project restoration and reformation of the old museum premises has now been completed and the remaining equipment with exhibits and the inauguration of the opening of the.



It is worth making the journey by train Agria. This is the revival of the old tramways with open summer vagonakia crossing the promenade Volos – Agria. It starts from the station of Volos in Anavros, passes through the wild side of the tavernas and seaside tavern and ends at the historic station in the center of Agria. The station Agria is a two-storey station with peculiar colonial, romantic style and rich decorative elements. The journey takes 25 minutes and routes out during the summer months at the announcement by OSE. Usually made 5 times a day. Information on routes to phone OSE 1110 and Railway. Station Volos 24210-24056.

The line has been reopened in August 2004 at the request of local authorities and in view of the Olympic Games. The routes used one dizelamaxa and 4 open from the side summer wooden coaches of the old tramway (tram) Volos.

The train has been designated by the Ministry of Culture Melina Mercouri over time as'Historical monument'.

Also worth visiting the churches in the area

Churches Drakia

1. Annunciation of the Virgin Mary in the vines

2.Holy Mt Athos

3.Saint Spyridon



6.Saint John the Theologian

7.Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Churches Agria

1.Saint Raphael

2.Agios Athanasios

3.Twelve Apostles

  1. Annunciation of the Virgin Mary in the vines

The church was built in the 18th century in the area that were once vineyards and now surrounded by estates of apple. It's Basilica while the interior has beautiful frescoes byzantine. The condition of the chapel today is very good thanks to the care and efforts of the world.

  1. Holy Mt Athos

The church was built in the 17th century and rebuilt after recent earthquakes and fires that struck. It is a basilica located in the southeastern edge of the village. Thanks to the care of the village is in good condition. On 5 July is celebrated festival follows in the village square.

  1. Saint Spyridon

Built in the 17th century in the old quarter of the village, in place Galatas. Has chapel of St. Eustatius where preserved inside the relics of St.. The pace is a basilica with a narthex and stone ceiling. The last renovation was recently after its destruction by earthquake 1955. Celebrated on 12 December and 11 August, when after the liturgy the faithful share food with rice and chickpeas.

  1. Panayitsa

It is a beautiful church located 2km south of the village toward "Anemoutsa». It has been restored by the faithful and is in very good condition. It has elements of Byzantine art and is a jewel of the region. Celebrated on 23 August and 18 December St. Modestos since kept inside his remains.

  1. Archangels

Located a few kilometers above the Agria toward "Anemoutsa" into a ravine 200 meters left of the dirt road. The temple is beautiful with technique found on Mount Athos. According to legend was built in 1623 and formerly housed 120 monks. Currently the cells are demolished while the church remained in very good condition, thanks in part to the contributions and personal work of believers.

  1. Saint John the Theologian

Built in 1958 in "Anemoutsa '50 near the chapel of the Holy Cross. Has dimensions 6ch8m with roof Pelion stone surrounded by olive garden. From there, overlooking the Gulf of Pagassitikos. Her condition is very good. The price is celebrated on 8 May.

  1. Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Built in the 17th century by the monks together with the monastery in – 7 km from Agria and Drakeia at an altitude of 360m.
The view is unlimited to Pagassitikos bay and what makes it special is the huge cement cross of 8 m and width 3,5 m located in the courtyard and illuminated because it is highly visible at night in the provincial road Volos- Agria. Today, next to the chapel there are still crumbling buildings monks' cells. The chapel, however, is in good condition.

  1. Saint Raphael

The chapel was built in 1995 after fundraiser held at Agria to fulfill a vow. Located on the road leading to Drakeia ie towards the end of Agria and the view is really great.
The dimensions are very small since it was built to be used as a shrine. The materials is modern and shows no special rate. Images are donated Charities brothers and murals, temple and utensils not exist.
The temple celebrates the feast day of St. Raphael the third day of Easter known as' Lamprotriti ». The festival and the liturgy are the temple of the holy apostles because of the small space of the chapel.

  1. Agios Athanasios

The Agios Athanasios is one of the oldest existing in Agria but without knowing exactly when it was built. Located about 3 kms from Agria in "Stars" and has panoramic views. It is surrounded by olive groves and other estates. The condition of the chapel is very good and its materials are simply. Its dimensions are small so they do not have inside the temple. The feast of St. Athanasius is the 18 January but this church is celebrated on 2 May day Translation of the relics of St..

  1. Twelve Apostles

The chapel was built in 1973 located in the residential area of ​​about 5 meters higher than the sea. The church is located in an area surrounded by flowers and trees. It features a courtyard with benches for rest. Has dimensions 15ch20 and is built with simple and modern materials basilica with dome. Celebrated on 30 June. The church occupies an important place in the hearts of believers in the region and together with Saint George meet the religious needs of the region.

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