Night Fishing

“Night Fishing”Agria , an event institution for Agria, performed with great success for 45 years. Manifestations of Night Fishing held each summer in Agria, not only have a bright present and future have glorious past, that justified the specific event to be called the crowning events of Agria.

Summer 1964 The Cultural Association Agria had been founded a year ago , took the initiative in collaboration with the Touring Club of Volos to inaugurate an event in honor of the local fishermen , which also was named "Night Fishing". H event created by the need to have Agria , which was a new village of Pelion, an annual traditional festival as were other villages of Pelion. The fact that Agria was inextricably linked with the sea , acted as a catalyst for the creation of this celebration in honor of Fishermen , which the structure of the event has borrowed many elements from similar events in villages of Sicily.

Active members of the Cultural Association Agria (Trans Lakis , Papoukas George , Archimandrite Alexander , Tsoufis Stefanos , Roumeliotakis Achilles , Nikopoulos Dimitrios , Detsis Athanasios , George Moustakas , King Kon / nos) organized with great success every year until 1968 this event, which was a Saturday night in August during which offered chowder (soup) , Fried Fish , squid , while accompanied by folk dance ensembles , orchestral bands , fireworks etc.. This event other than a traditional festival for residents of Agria functioned as it attracts thousands of visitors from other parts. After 1968 and the dissolution of the Cultural Association Agria organizing the event had initially hold the former community Agria recent years the Municipality of Agria.

In the early years of organizing the event was an evening and took place at the point that is today the central staircase of Agria , while all the shops in the area had their own orchestras. With the layout of the new Agria Beach , The event was moved to this site is organized to date. Along with the time the events took many day also included other events before the day of the main event (such as musical concerts , performances of dance groups , painting and photography exhibitions etc.).

In recent years there is an effort to upgrade the quality Night Fishing , with participation in this well-known artists at the National , as Thanasis Polikandriotis, Vangelis Konitopoulos, George and Catherine Korou etc.. The result has already been spotted with participation in recent years of many people and visitors. The events seem to acquire their old glory, attracting the attention of the residents of Agria, surrounding municipalities , and the thousands of visitors.

(Historical data for Night Fishing learned from the Book of If. Tzamtzi "Agria - dragons - parallel lives two traditional villages'. )


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