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Foundation Nicholas and Helen Porphyrogenis:The Foundation was established in Porfyrogeneio 1978 residents of Agria and internationally renowned professionals Porphyrogenis Nicholas and his wife Helen Porphyrogenis. The purpose of including the founders put it in their speech is to become an exemplary center of intellectual development, social solidarity and raising the living standards of the city and finally a center of cultural events highlighting the Agria as enviable example of imitation. This was accomplished and achieved in the following ways:
(a) establishing a cultural center in Agria and large library (launch 1994) which incorporates the private library of the founders Nick. and Helen Porphyrogenis donations and third persons.
(b) the construction of the municipal offices which houses all the community services, offices, conference room etc.. (Establishment 1990).
(c) incentives to promote historic, geophysicist, economic and recreational interest in the region to hold the null of Agria and to draw tourist traffic.
(d) by strengthening – through scholarships – young people who belong to the families of the town of Agria and the region and who lack financial resources but have the skills to study and to form like a pro.

The cultural center known as Porfyrogeneio which began operating in 1994 has the following locations:
Basement- Exhibition hall of the cultural center area 170 sm. with appropriate lighting and security, with vestibule 50 m, toilets and other ancillary areas.
Ground floor -Theatre area 170 τ.μ. Scene 40 sq.m. 150 Seat. It offers entry hall 80 τ.μ. leading to the basement and first floor to the losmnd serves as the theater, includes wardrobe and location distribution brochures.
Floor: Library's cultural center 180 m, reading room and outdoor area 120 sm. to which it is possible to hold events during the summer
The institution has the entire cultural center for a series of events. The gallery has organized series of visual events (painting, sculpture, etching) and the theater has hosted artistic and scientific events, theater, conferences, speeches, etc..
Telephone communication with the institution is 24280 – 91320 Agria in Volos 210 – 8015034 in Athens. Send a fax to 24280- 91398 and 210 8081583.

The Group was founded by research Pelion Pelion in November 1985. It is non-profit charitable organization based in Agria Pelion. Its purpose is to research and reflection on cultural issues, conservation and preservation of cultural heritage, raising the cultural level of the inhabitants of Pelion. The group from its inception until now has been active as :
- Collection of traditional Greek costumes and other material to ever be hosted at Folk Museum.
- Educational programs
-Departments of learning dance for children and adults
- Department lending childhood wardrobe
- Organizing and participating in international conferences and Greek culture and tourism.
- Greek dance seminars, music and foreign language, promoting the notion of the "Cultural Tourism"
- Keeps dance group 40 individuals that have represented our country in international tourism fairs and festivals (Cyprus, France, Austria, Japan, Moscow, Serbia, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland)
- Establishment and operation of traditional Greek chorus of songs from all over Greece and Asia Minor.
- Department of Music and education, concerning the teaching of children's musical instruments combined with a dance move.
- Courses traditional needlework techniques
- Important activities on social issues and active participation where deemed necessary.
- The research group is to offer Pelion has received several awards from the Local Government, Rotary Clubs of Northern Greece and the Greek National Tourism Organization in Thessaloniki was honored with the golden head of St. Alexander for the excellent cultural – tourist promotion of our country.

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