The term 'cookie' refers to a small data file consisting solely of a set of text information that the site transfers to the web browser on your computer's hard drive or temporarily throughout your visit. , or sometimes for longer periods, depending on the type of cookie. Cookies perform various functions (for example, distinguish you from other visitors to the same site or remember certain things about you, such as your preferences) and are used by most sites to improve your user experience.

Each cookie is unique to your browser and contains some anonymous information. A cookie usually contains the name of the field from which the cookie originated, the cookie's "lifetime" as well as a value (usually in the form of a randomly generated unique number).

The Company may use cookies of the following types to promote better browsing, personalization of information and preferences of each browser.
A) Necessary cookies These are the cookies that are necessary for the operation of a website. Without cookies the site cannot function properly. We do not ask for your specific consent for this particular category of cookies. All other cookies require your consent.
B) Functional cookies These are cookies that improve the functionality of the site. Thanks to the use of these cookies, browsing is tailored to your interests so we can save you time by re-importing information.

Cookies that we use:

Key Domain Provider Type
has_js Own Necessary
cookie-agreed-categories Own Necessary
cookie-agreed Own Necessary
_ga Google Performance
_gat Google Performance
_gcl_au Google Performance
_gid Google Performance