The Folklore museum rural and cultural heritage Drakia there are more than 140 exhibits of postwar and pre-war. Most of these are neat and hanging in a museum, while many are those who are in the process of cleaning, maintenance and grading. The collection includes objects agricultural production and professions, Dressing, jewelery, weaving, housewares and utensils agricultural and livestock production, photo gallery, books n. a. All items are their objects village Drakia or objects larger municipality Agrias and donations from residents or their Redemption. The exhibits have been used by themselves or by their parents and grandparents. These highlighted the sake of courtesy to. The global donors of the exhibits 28 and continuously multiply. For each object enters the museum followed a specific procedure in order to protect, be indexed all the information it carries and emerged individually or as part of a unit. The objects presented either in additions or in a natural environment, hanging in groups – modules according to the type of protection that. Those responsible for the daily care of museum space and all exhibits and continuously receive new items from local residents, the archive and place it in a similar position.

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