Zafiriou mansion

ToZafiriou mansion one of the most representative examples of neoclassicism by the Ministry of Culture has been characterized “as a work of art that needs special state protection“as “is an interesting example of neoclassical architecture of the late 19th century, with harmonious volumes perfectly integrated into the environment and remarkable individual morphological features, such as the marble balcony, with reliefs, pilasters and ornate wrought iron, horizontal decorative bands at every coronation floor, the pilasters in the four corners of the building, etc..“.The Municipality of realizing the importance of the building was bought by the heirs, in order to house the premises of various cultural activities.
Άγιος Ονούφριος. Η θέα της γύρω περιοχής από το Αρχοντικό Ζαφειρίου.

Saint Onoufrios. The view of the surrounding area from the Mansion Zafeiriou.

Άγιος Ονούφριος. Η ομώνυμη εκκλησία και η Πλατεία Εθνικής Αντίστασης.

Saint Onoufrios. The church and the National Resistance Square.

To house was built in 1895, as indicated by the control of the contractual agreements. Lies at the heart of the village and to the right of the main asphalt road, just before the main square St. Onoufriou. The mansion sapphires are built on the corner of a long narrow plot of 916,40 m2, has a southern orientation and consists of the main house and the small house that is in contact with the west side. The mansion on three levels. The ground floor, the floor and the basement and stone and roofed with wooden hipped roof, covered with tiles byzantine (gutters).
To inside the roof is shaped in small attic,which is illuminated by a specially designed building on the south slope of the roof. The house has outside dimensions 10,20 x 8,90 m and the small house 4,30 x 4,30 m and the thickness of the masonry is approximately0,70m. The ground has a tripartite arrangement of spaces on the ground floor of a sunlit hallway in the center at the beginning of which is the main entrance which is separated from the rest of the corridor with a wooden sash windshield and the depth of the wooden staircase to .


Η Ανακασιά όπως φαίνεται από το Αρχοντικό Ζαφειρίου. Στο βάθος η κορυφή του λόφου της Αγίας Ειρήνης.

Anakasia as seen from the Mansion Zafeiriou. In the background the top of the hill of Agia Irini.

Dight and left the hallway and two rooms, while at the back of the right side there is a small toilet that communicates under the wooden staircase. Upstairs the staircase leads to a small vestibule where the left of the kitchen and in front of the living room. Right of the vestibule there is a room in front of the vestibule is the big hall which served as the home's living room.

Tthe basement and this tripartite arrangement that emerges from the stone walls of the supporting structure and used as warehouses. communicated directly to the courtyard to the second entrance located on the west side, and also with the small house with stone interior stairway.

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