The Hill of the Diocese

APau's most interesting sights monuments of rising right off the main highway in 5th km away. route Volos Portaria, κι ανήκει στο Δήμο Ιωλκού. The hill of the Diocese, almost in the center of Ano Volos today as seen from the ruins of the fortifications,have been inhabited since ancient of times.

Επισκοπή. Ο Ναός της Κοιμήσεως της Θεοτόκου (1639).

The Church of the Assumption (1639)

Επισκοπή. Η περίβλεπτος 'βίγλα' του Δήμου Ιωλκού.

The prestigious' vigla' the municipality Iolkou wide paved alley leading to the hilltop, having survived the antiquated aisled basilica without a domeAssumption. The present name(Diocese) goes back to the late Middle Ages. however, there must have been at the top of the hill some monastery, destroyed in late Byzantine times in the first centuries of Ottoman rule and in its place the Bishop Dimitriados Callistusbuilt in 1639 today's church.

The himself, according to the sources, then moved to the hill was home and the seat of the Archdiocese, after the devastation of Demetriada the conquest of the region by the Turks (1423) and the expulsion of the Christian population and the castle of St. Theodore. The building (Bishopric)not saved today. According to the inscription (dedicatory) on the northern entrance to the present church of Bishop Kallistos Dimitriados referred to as “Founder”.

Επισκοπή. Ο μονόροφος ξυλεπίστεγος εξωνάρθηκας (νότια πλευρά).

The bungalows xylepistegos exonarthex (south side)

Tnaves separated by a colonnade consisting of two columns on each side. During the Ottoman rule was added to the west side storey exo-narthex with three arches on the south side of the current existing bungalows xylepistegos exo-narthex. Embedded in the walls (northern, southern and eastern)various sculptures shapes, Symbols, lettering,Birds champlevé in marble or stone representations, from the ruins of an older monastery.

Athe Byzantine era monastery on the top of the hill, the many chapels surrounded the ruins of which are still visible. Anavainontas the hill from the paved path midway, left, preserved the chapel is dedicated to the Transfiguration the Savior.

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