The Tsipouradikas of Volos.
A history of flavors that began in the early part of the century

The ritual that became an institution.
It's time for the flavors to be genuine and authentic
which everyone felt were members of a large group.

In the old, beautiful moments, at the Harbor and in the neighborhoods,
the Voloi and the city visitors continue to live
... where Volos shares his joys and whims,
in the tsipouroda.

... the tsipouroid is part of the living
of the region, was a ritual
which became an "institution" for Volos
and loved by his guests.

... whoever knows the unique atmosphere in Greece
of the tsipourodias of Volos, the authentic Greek
tastes, becomes a fanatic ...

... comes again and again.

Lunch meeting

The "institution" was initiated by the refugees of Asia Minor,
who settled in Volos after his exchange
'22 and especially those who worked in the sea and in
... At noon, after work, they gathered in
cafes of the Port and drank their tsipouro,
who accompanied him with mezedes, served, always,
in small saucers.
The lunch meeting at the beach cafes,
with tsipouro and many small dishes with her appetizers
sea on the table, was a rite that much
soon became a daily habit
for the volunteer workers ....
... Groups grew, just like orders.
The appetizers were becoming more and more sophisticated, but dominant
taste remained seafood ...

... The taste of brine offered by the Aegean
fish and fishes of Pagasitikos, were sifting
every form of meat from the table.

And tradition continues
The tsipouroid of the neighborhood or beach was established
as the main meeting place for volunteers, but
no longer offers pleasure only at noon ...
... The reputation of the Volos ouzo spread quickly in all
Greece, but also abroad by the tourists who
they know, they taste the delicious appetizers and they are made
their fanatics.
The secret of their success lies in the true
tsipouro, in well-cooked and endless variety
but mostly in recipes, in "magic"
ingredients that cooks do not disclose except
to those who will continue the tradition ...
... That's why the chocolate bar of Volos
are unique in Greece.

Taste has the first word
What is the specialty? First of all, what do you get ...
... Grills, pan and pots are constantly
filled with all the treasures of the sea.
Sandwiches, cuttlefish, octopus, scones, sardines,
marigolds, anchovies, mussels, glitter, oysters, bubbles,
beans, quinces, crayfish, shrimp, crab, up to
and swordfish, salmon, rabbits, palms and lobsters ...
... The traditional appetizers that accompany each walnut
tsipouro, win even the most demanding ...
... Who can resist the temptation to try
cranberry salad, eggplant salad, shrimp salad, mussels, or
shrimp shrimp, feta cheese with tomato, squid
stuffed, octopus, oyster, mussel,
roasted potatoes, mussels,
... all handmade and cooked with
traditional recipes.