Department of Commerce responsibilities

Licensing Competences of Commercial and General Business Activities

  • Suggests the granting of licenses for the exercise of commercial and general business activities in accordance with the jurisdictions given to the municipality with the applicable provisions. These licenses concern in particular:
    • The establishment, operation and installation of shops and businesses, the conditions of operation and installation of which are determined by the legislation and the relevant health regulations and provisions.
    • Establishment and operation of stores of sanitary interest (Article 80 of the CPC).
    • The installation and operation of cinemas, theaters and similar businesses and the carrying out of the planned inspections.
    • The establishment and operation of playgrounds and various recreational activities (amusement parks, circuses, car tracks, musical concerts and other artistic events provided by the legislation in force).
    • Technical recreational games and the provision of internet services.
    • Musical Instrument Mode and Music Licenses.
    • Exercise of outdoor standing trade, fairs and outdoor Christmas markets.
    • The installation and operation of dry-cleaners, washing machines, ironing machines and carpets.
    • Life Vehicles.
    • The installation and use of the building for the purpose of carrying out activity by persons issued.
    • Advertising, placement of outdoor advertising frames, placement of business identification labels for natural and legal persons, as well as the provision of sites for the purpose of promoting activities to legal entities pursuing charitable purposes.
    • The operation of moped rental shops.
    • The establishment of hypermarkets for retail trade.
    • Exercising open-air trades.
    • Participating in Sunday Markets.
    • Allowing a person who owns a shop selling dogs or cats, as well as a relevant operating license for the shop.
    • The practice of hairdresser, hairdresser, hand and foot care technician, as well as the establishment of a relevant Examining Board and Disciplinary Board.
    • Book exhibition function.
    • Organizing exhibitions (outside the International), regulating them and supervising them.
  • It monitors and checks compliance with the conditions under which the above licenses are granted and recommends taking measures, in accordance with the applicable provisions, eg. withdrawal of authorization, withdrawal of authorization, imposition of fines).
  • 3. Checks on the implementation of the provisions on outdoor advertising, the specifications of advertising frames and inscriptions, removes illegal outdoor advertisements and inscriptions and recommends the imposition of the fines provided, under the conditions and conditions provided by the applicable legislation.
  • Suggests the issues relating to the granting of the above permits and points out any problems that arise in relation to it.
  • Performs any work in accordance with the applicable provisions and applicable regulations regarding the control of violations and in particular:
    • Track, record and inform shop owners of violations and claims filed following police scrutiny,
    • Suggests the revocation and removal of operating licenses due to overshoot or change of use to the Municipal Authority for the imposition of penalties.
    • Suggests the sealing of the branches due to violations as provided by the relevant provisions.
    • Controls the application of the licensing and music licensing conditions, informs the Seal Commission of the unauthorized shops about the actions it has to take in order to seal the unauthorized shops.

Public Market Responsibilities

  • It proposes proposals and measures for the proper functioning of the popular markets.
  • Suggests the granting of productive and professional licenses to sellers who have their agricultural products on the local markets of the Municipality.
  • It monitors compliance with the regulation of popular markets.
  • It detects any infringements and draws up the relevant infringement reports.
  • It aims to define the venues and operating conditions of outdoor commercial activities (public markets and fairs).
  • Ensures the adoption of decisions on the establishment, dissolution and determination of the way in which the General Market operates, in accordance with the applicable legislation, including the granting of professional and productive licenses and any other relevant subject matter.
  • It is responsible for setting up Committees for the control of sellers, producers and professionals in popular markets.

Consumer Protection Responsibilities

  • It seeks to protect the consumer by setting up and operating information mechanisms (eg Consumer Information Office).
  • It recommends the establishment of the amicable settlement committee for out-of-court settlement of disputes between suppliers and consumers or consumer associations, keeps records of the findings of the relevant committee as well as a consumer register.

Regulatory Requirements for Commercial Activities

  • It studies and recommends the regulation of commercial activity issues that affect the functions and the environment of the city and the quality of life of the residents, according to the jurisdictions given to the Municipality with the applicable provisions. These issues concern in particular:
    • Determining the premises and conditions for the temporary stay of migratory population groups.
    • Specifying the specifications and terms of outdoor advertising.
    • The definition of more specific terms and conditions for the establishment and installation of shops and businesses to the extent that they affect the environment and the functions of the city.
    • Determining the terms and hours of music in stores.
    • Determining the hours of commencement and termination of work of seafarers and artisans.
    • Setting the time limits for the operation of shops and businesses.
    • The determination of the maximum number of open-label trades and the establishment of the Committee for Outdoor Forensic Trade.
    • Approval of the Sunday Market.
    • The implementation of the existing licensing legislation for booths.
    • Deciding on the opening hours, stopping and closing times of pharmacies and drugstores, and fixing for each year the number of pharmacies that spend overnight stays.
  • It monitors and controls the implementation of decisions related to previous business issues and recommends taking measures in accordance with the applicable provisions.
  • It monitors the compliance with the provisions concerning pet animals and the observance of the provisions of the tourism legislation by the tourist enterprises in accordance with the specific provisions of the law.

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