1. Application with full details of an interested party (provided by the service).
  2. Any document proving the ownership or rental of the property in which the property will operate and determining the use of the leased property will be certified and endorsed by the Tax Office.
  3. Photocopy of the building permit, validated.
  4. Four (4) layouts of the shop floor plan by a Diploma Engineer or Engineer, scale 1:50. In these, all the spaces of the house are depicted, the destination of each space, for example, a space for customers, a dance floor, a bar, a kitchen, etc., any outdoor spaces, their dimensions, the area and the useful area, signed and sealed by the engineer (certified by the Municipality of Volos).
  5. Four layouts (topographic) showing the location of the property in which the building is housed in relation to surrounding buildings, roads, etc.
  6. A 1: 6 customer car park showing a relative engineer's diagram in four copies, showing the number of parking spaces in that space and the distance from the shop that can not be more than 100 m.
  7. Title of ownership of the parking space or lease agreement.
  8. Certification of Urban Planning, that the building is legal and that all the premises of the house including any interior openings (attics), as they are today, can be used as a center of entertainment and are places of primary use.
  9. Technical reports of Electromechanical Installations, in duplicate, accompanied by the corresponding two (2) diagrams: a) Water supply, b) Drainage, c) Fire protection, d) Electrical, e) Ventilation, f) Air Conditioning, and g) must be approved by the Volos Fire Service and accompanied by a Fire Safety Certificate).
  10. Responsible Statement under Article 8 of Law 1599/86 of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineer who has drawn up the Electrical Study that the electrical installation of the underground installation securely secures its electrification for the authenticity of the signature.
  11. Responsible Statement of Article 8 of the Law.1599/86 of the Civil Engineer who has drawn up the ventilation study, which shows that the ventilation installation of the house corresponds to the requirements of the Technical and Science for the complete ventilation of the space, considered for the authenticity of the signature.
  12. Responsible Statement of Article 8 of Law 1599.86 of the Mechanical Engineer, which has drawn up the Air Conditioning Study, which shows that during the installation of the above facilities, measures were taken to ensure full protection of the personnel and the personnel from the currents, of the signature.
  13. Responsible Statement of Article 8 of Law 1599/86 of the Civil Engineer who made the sound insulation study showing that sound insulation offers full sound insulation capacity and that measures have been taken to ensure that residents are totally safe from noise or other disturbances , certified for the authenticity of the signature.
  14. Responsible Statement of Article 8 of L.1599 / 86 (certified for the authenticity of the signature), for the type of fuel to be used: NOTE: If a gas tank of 100 liters or more is used to request information from the relevant Fire Brigade
  15. Responsible Statement of Article 8 of Law 1599/86 of the owner of the land, showing that the property will be open during the summer or winter season or throughout the year, certified for the authenticity of the signature.
  16. Circulation certificate:
    • Certification of the competent Technical Service of the Ministry of Environment and Waters that the traffic connections have been fully executed according to the approved plans or that they are not required to be connected to the basic and secondary National Network (DIES) and to the District (Technical Service Division of the Region) outside the limits of approved city plans or residential areas (Articles 24 and 32 of PD 465/70 and Presidential Decree 118/2006).
    • In the installations established on the municipal or community road network, except for an approved urban plan and outside the boundaries of a legally existing settlement, a vehicle entry and exit authorization is granted and not a traffic junction (Article 39 (10) ND 465/70 as added 5 of article 21 of Presidential Decree 118/2006).
  17. Police Identity Card (photographed).
  18. Health booklet of the Health Department (photographed). Show the pages with the photo and the details of the owner, and the last view. The patient's health booklet is not considered to be a health booklet.
  19. Responsible statement with the following content: "I, the undersigned / signatory ......, have not been convicted of any of the offenses referred to in Article 1 (2) of the Penal Code. 180/79, as applicable.
  20. For Company:
    • The company's codified statute in GG for AE or EIA or endorsed by the Court of First Instance for OE. or E.E. Statement of designation of the health or market leader responsible for the company representative in the case of a different person and a declaration of acceptance by the person designated.
    • Police ID (photographed) of all Partners, and for SAs. - Ε.Π.Ε. of the members of the Board of Directors
    • Health card (photographed) of the representative and the members if they work in the household.
    • Criminal Records, such as Case 18. (The members of the Board of Directors, The Company's Representative and the Sanitary Officer in the case of SA or EPE and all the general partners when it comes to OE or EU The identity cards of the members of the Board of Directors for SA and EPE and for the personal companies of its members.
  21. Citizenship Certificate of the interested party and the representative's companies. (Issued by the Municipal Library).
  22. Four (4) recent photos (of the interested person)
  23. Certification of Economic Taxation for the start of the Occupation.
  24. Municipal information from the office 4 of the Municipality of Volos
  25. Noise control sheet from the Hygiene Office

The person concerned is required, along with the supporting documents, to produce a file with fins.

special cases

  1. If the entertainment center is established in an open space, a certificate of the relevant Urban Planning Service is required, in accordance with Article 41 (3) (e) of A1b / 8577/83. and Article 6, paragraph 1, par. of A5 / 3010/85 SJ, that it is at least 300 meters from the nearest legal residence, sacred temple, hospital, school, etc.
  2. If the house will operate in an area of the Archaeological Zone, approval by the competent Ephorate of Antiquities.


Cases where an authorization is not granted are:

  1. To foreigners
  2. For those who have not reached 18 years of age.
  3. To those who have been deprived of their political rights, for as long as the deprivation is or is subject to a judicial ban or judicial perception.
  4. In the case of a Public Authorizing Officer who is deemed to be dangerous to the Public Order and Security, in the reasoned opinion of the sponsor, the Authority is authorized.
  5. To those convicted in the final case for the cases mentioned in no. 19 justification.
  6. In places that have illegally covered their free spaces (grasses, courtyards, etc.).


Upon receipt of the authorization for establishment and operation, the shop owner is required to obtain a 100-sheet book, stackable, striped, size A4 and numbered (by the person concerned) from 1 to 100. Failure to comply with the Reference Book constitutes an infringement with Law 3868/2010 (smoking ban).