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The Department of Financial Services is responsible for the effective observance of the financial programs of the Municipality, the proper representation of the financial operations and the management of its revenues and expenses, the safeguarding and utilization of the municipal property, as well as the functional connection of the Legal persons and Business with the Municipality. At the same time, the Directorate ensures the effective implementation of all legal procedures required for the supply of materials, equipment and services of the Municipality. The specific responsibilities of the Administration in the framework of its mission are determined by the applicable provisions of the Laws, Decrees and Ministerial Decisions. The Directorate is administratively and, in particular, the Department of the Fund, and the decentralized Finance Offices in the individual municipal units.

The Director manages all the departments of the Directorate, giving them the necessary directions and instructions. Under its unified direction, supervision and control, all the functions and duties of these services shall be exercised in accordance with the provisions of this Statute.

  • It supervises the preparation of the revenue and expenditure budget of the Municipality, monitors the progress of its implementation and indicates, where necessary, the appropriate actions to secure revenue or contain expenditure.
  • Manages the funds allocated for the execution of projects and supplies under the responsibility of the Financial Services Directorate.
  • It is responsible for drafting regulations on the enforcement, certification and collection of such rights.

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Electronic Payment of Payments

Issue of Municipal Debt Consolidation

Issue of communal space permits - Yearly

Participation in a competition

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Issuing permits for building services - monthly

Electrification of real estate