• Photocopy of the operating license (Caution: if the license does not provide for table chairs outside the shop, please contact the licensing and shop operating department) to issue an additional act for the determination of banknotes (for new pedestrian areas - squares, etc.)
  • Interested party request

Supporting documentation for kiosks and cigarette stores

  • Photocopy of the cigarette license from the Prefecture which must be in force.
  • Interested party request
  • Attention: The law provides for each pavilion or shop with a cigarette license, 1 large and 1 small refrigerator and 1 sq. M. goods. Everything else is charged twice a year by the due fee, which is sent the following year (Article 26 of Law 1828/89)

Supporting documents for commercial stores

  • Interested party request

Useful information
You should be aware that:
A) Base of Law 1080/80 should be issued a shared space permit before using this. Each year the application must be accompanied by the necessary supporting documents. In this process, Municipal Information is required, which is issued by our Service.
B) If the supporting documents are correct, it is now possible to issue the license even on the same day if there is no debt.