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The beach of Alikes located in Volos city in the SE, 9 km away from the center. There is no organized municipal beach, and sites with free access along the beach of Alikes, which extends 5 km. There are many cafes, restaurants, Hotels and open spaces. It has several times been awarded the blue [...]


The sandy beach Kadi within walking distance of the tourist resort of Kala Nera,wherein the combination of facilities ( beach bar ,tennis court, very good restaurant ) ,the beautiful sea and the beautiful environment make it an ideal destination for a beautiful bathroom.

Kala Nera

Beautiful beach resort Pagasitikos bay, just 18 km. the city hotel Volou.I paraliasto resort of Kala Nera is one of the best known and has been awarded a blue flag. The water is very clean and cool moments to enjoy the summer sun. Along the coastal road that is covered with trees and eucalyptus, There are taverns, ouzeri, grills, bars [...]


Coastal village on the main road to the southern Pelion, is 16 km. of the hotels in the city of Volos ,with easy access to the sizable beach. The region has been discovered impressive cave with underground river and a small lake.


Coastal settlement, is approximately 2 km. from the Upper Lechonia and a summer resort these. Old called Methoni on the road Towards this there is the ruined tower of Olympian and Neoclassical Kontos.


The Buffa is the largest beach in Pelion, situated between the villages of Kala Nera and Afissos. It is also one of the most famous beaches and attracts many visitors from the surrounding villages. It is very beautiful and has clear water !

Under Lechonia

The beach in Kato Lechonia is the first beach that meets one, coming from Volos, to the east coast. It is a very organized shore, with bars, coffee and enough places to stay. There is frequent bus to Volos. The beach has sand with fine gravel and several trees, natural shadow

Xenia beach

Xenia beach, in front of the seaside resort and has free access.


The beach 'Anavros’ which has been awarded several times with a blue flag and is an extension of the park Agios Konstantinos.


Tel. : 24210-85960. Working :Open every day except Monday from 8:30-15:00 summer and 8:30-15:00 winter.