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Tavern "Station" - Tasos Makriyannis Upper Lechonia


Restaurant-Café-Bar "Ωκεανίς" Μαλάκι Τηλ. 24280-94994, 6944774799

The Grapevine

Coffeeshop "The Grapevine"-Lavrentia Athanasius Saint Lawrence Tel. 24280-96242

The Vrychonas

Taverna "The Vrychonas"-Michael Eleftherakis Saint Lawrence(Central Square) Tel. 24280-96660, 6972265927

The Mulberry

Taverna Ouzo Cafe grilled meat-Cooked, Fresh Seafood Fish-"The Mulberry" Platanidia Phone. 24280-94246, 6973304526


Restaurant Café Bar «Trout» Palaiokastro (Saint Blaise) Tel. 24280-93405

The Center

Traditional Cafe-Ouzo "The Centre" - Nick. Saint Blaise Tel Koptsalis. 24280-86891

Cafe-Ouzo-Mission Chatzopoulou

Traditional Cafe-Ouzo-Mission Chatzopoulou Saint Blaise Phone. 6946971888


Tavern "Agnanti" Pelion-Kitchen-Georgia Karkala Saint Blaise Phone. 6942951426, 6944578472