Responsibilities of the City Council

  1. The City Council decides on all matters concerning the municipality other than those that are legally owned by the mayor or other body of the municipality or the city council itself has been transferred to a committee.
  2. The City Council expresses its views on issues of local interest and gives its opinion whenever public authorities or competent bodies are consulted.
  3. It sets taxes, fees, royalties and levies.
  4. It shall draw up its rules of procedure by an absolute majority of its members on the basis of the Rule 67 Rule.
  5. If no city regulation has been established by the municipal council, then this model regulation applies.
  6. One month before the elections and until the establishment of the new municipal authorities, the City Council decides only on issues related to exceptional cases of extreme urgency and unforeseen need.
  7. The City Council may, by decision, delegate to the Life Quality Committee its responsibilities in relation to its subject.


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