The "Balcony of Pelion", 17 km from Volos. A deceptive figure, however, because when the visitor of the city looks to the mountain, its horizon opens upward and his gaze embraces Makrinitsa, crouching on the steep slope of the mountain, standing an uninterrupted vaglator over the city.

The visit is legally inevitable and the reward is exquisite, unique, unrepeatable. Half an hour's drive and a delightful walk through the narrow pedestrian walkway will bring the visitor to the central square where a panoramic view of Volos is waiting for him to be at his feet 600 meters deep and beyond the dazzling whiteness of the beautiful city of Jason , to imagine the waters of Pagasitikos when silver and sometimes golden as a huge mirror in the lap of Pelion's frame. If someone planned the world tour in 80 days, they would certainly have included Makrinitsa as a place of visit.

The history of Makrinitsa is long and rich, and its contribution to the region's great progress, prosperity and freedom. Despite the fact that the whole village was set on fire, its imposing mansions like Phoenix were reborn through their ashes and today stand high and proud of their glorious past.