Citizen Service Centers (KEP) contact details


Stoumpos Georgios


N. Gatsou 20 to November 2nd


Bulgarian Catherine

Chief of Department of JEP (452)

Iasonos 113 with Koumoundourou - Post Code 38221 Volos

2421023421, 2421350001-50

Koutsibou Panagiota

Head of Department B KEP (326)

N. Gatsou 20 with 2 November - Volos


Sourla Evangelia

Head of Department of Municipal Unity of Ionia KEP 0208

Nicomedia 2 - N. Ionia

2421091315, 2421353035-36


About Citizen Service Centers (KEP)

In the Citizen Service Center, the citizen can be informed about all issues of the Public Administration and promotes cases related to public entities to be dealt with. This avoids time-consuming bureaucratic procedures and, in particular, reduces one-stop shops. Citizens Service Centers (KEPs) are handling documents not citizens.

How it works: The citizen is informed on the spot by the specialized staff of the Center on all issues of Public Administration. If he / she wants to submit a request regarding one of the 420 administrative procedures currently under way in the JCC, he / she addresses a Center member and completes the relevant electronic application. The application is then sent through the center to the competent service where it is registered. The head of the center undertakes to keep an eye on the evolution of the case, relieving the citizen of any other movement and possible discomfort. After completing the procedures, the citizen can receive his / her documents from the KEP. or the competent department to which he or she has addressed or sent to the address he wishes by post or courier.

Hours: From 8am to 8pm. Information 24 hours a day since 1464.


Citizen Service Centers (KEP) services

What services do you provide? processed:

  • Issue of tax information
  • Consideration of the original signature
  • Validation of photocopies
  • Issuing of stamps, stamps, responsible statements, etc.


Certificates and attestations for which a simple procedure is required, such as

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of Studies
  • Certificate of analytical score
  • Certificate of recruitment
  • Extract from the Criminal Records and others.


Prefectures Issues:

  • Social welfare issues (question book, financial aid, allowances)
  • Health Issues (Professional Licenses for Medical & Paediatrics Occupations)
  • Transport and communication issues (granting or extending driving and marketing authorizations, changing or replacing signs, changing colors, etc.)
  • Issuance of professional licenses (of the Industrial Divisions)


Issues of Municipalities:

  • Issuance of certificates (birth, marital status, civil status)
  • Registration in public records, family portions


Courts of First Instance:

  • Issuance of certificates (criminal record, lack of legal support, publication or not, non-insolvency etc.)


Issues of Insurance Funds:

  • Submission of applications for pensions
  • Sickness Books (Family & Individual)


The 420 certified administrative procedures are accompanied by their digitized forms. These forms have been crafted and contain all the information necessary for the rapid and reliable handling of the case, while achieving the goal of being user-friendly, citizens, businesses and employees.