Responsibilities of Quality of Life Committee

The Quality of Life Commmittee is resposible for the following:
  • Responsible for, taking nto consderaton the article 83 of law 3852/2010:
    • Pre-approve the store ad business foundation after checkng the applications.
    • The revocation or the definitive deduction of the license for the establishment and operation of business premises and other facilities and activities of the municipality.
    • The decision is taken within (20) days of the conditions being met.
    • Granted or revoked music license.
  • Suggests to the Municipal Council:
    • Land use identification issues.
    • Issues of regulatory plans, planning of implementation plans for the settlement of open cities, implementation of the General Urban Plan (GAP)urban regeneration, redevelopment of degraded areas, town-planning reformation of problem areas, compensation for urban planning, urban planning, land or money, specially regulated urban planning areas (PEERP), urban planning, urban regeneration, urban regeneration, .) and approval of town planning studies.
    • Decision-making on environmental issues.
    • The decision-making for the settlement of cemeteries according to the provisions of the 2508/1997 (Government Gazette 124 A), incineration centers for dead people, and other matters related to the area of competence.
    • The draft regulatory decisions under Articles 79 and 82 of the TWG.
    • The Life Quality Committee prepares an annual report on its areas of competence, which is discussed and approved by the City Council.
    • The City Council may, on very serious matters, with specific reasons and with the absolute majority of all its members, decide to exercise the same powers of the previous paragraphs.
    • The Quality of Life Committee may, by special decision taken by an absolute majority of its members, refer a specific matter of its competence to the Municipal Council for a decision if it considers this to be of particular gravity.