The Local Economic Development is responsible for promoting the development and visibility of the Municipality, the Blue Flag Coast Program, the monitoring, licensing and supervision of commercial activities in the municipality, consumer protection and limited competencies in agricultural issues development. The specific responsibilities of the Directorate in the framework of its mission are determined by the applicable provisions of the Laws, Orders and Ministerial Decisions.

The Head of the Local Economic Development Division heads all departments of this department by giving them the required directions and mandates. Under its unified direction, supervision and control, all the responsibilities and duties of these services are exercised in accordance with the provisions of the existing Internal Agency of the Municipality.

The above consists of the following four sections:


Contact details of the Local Economic Development Directorate


Kontu Maria

Deputy Director

Skenderani building 4th floor (Topalis 12 - Dimitriadis, PC 38221)



Papamakarios Georgios

Head of the Department of Tourism

Building Volos INFO - Lambraki with Sheker

2421030930, 2421030940


Despina Kutina

Head of Department of Commerce

Topalis 12 with Dimitriados - building Skenderani - Post Code 38221 - Volos



Georgakos Georgios

Head of the Department of Rural Development

Skenderani building 4th floor (Topalis 12 - Dimitriadis, PC 38221)



Kontu Maria

Head of the Department of Fisheries

Skenderani building 4th floor (Topalis 12 - Dimitriadis, PC 38221)




Department of Commerce

The responsibilities of the Department of Commerce are:

  • Deletions, renewals, transfers of licenses of professional sellers of popular markets. New licenses, renewal deletions of producers' sellers of popular markets. New licenses, renewal of organic buyer sellers. New Permit Grants - Standalone and Itinerary Updates - Outdoor Sales Entries. Annual affirmations of open trade activity. Permissions for participation in religious fairs - bazaars.
  • Electronic recording and recording of popular markets, daily control and monitoring. Registration of the permit data in the Integrated Information System of Regional Authorities (UCITS).
  • Taking over the responsibilities for the granting and renewal of open-air (stop-by-stop) licenses and professional salesmen from the Regional Unity of Magnesia and Sporades and simultaneous transfer of a relevant file
  • Grant of licenses for extending the hours of use of musical instruments - Licensing of licenses - KAU notifications. Announcements of practicing the profession of hairdresser-nail craftsman.
  • Suggestion revocation suggestions - removing music licenses. Temporary withdrawals - temporary cessation of operation KYE - Penalties in CPE according to L.4422 / 2016.
  • Granting of admittance permits for urban / interurban buses by the transport providers of the L.2963 / 2001.
  • Issuing of permits for the installation and use of a house issued with a fee.
  • Licenses for the rental of stands.Cancellation of stand stands - Recall of licenses for booths which continue to operate until the end of the lease.


Department of Tourism

The responsibilities of the Department of Tourism are:

  • It maintains registers and data concerning the current state of tourism in the area of the Municipality (tourist attractions, tourist businesses, tourist infrastructure, employment data, financial data etc).
  • It plans and suggests programs of action and intervention by the Municipality for the development of tourism in the region and the upgrading of the tourist services provided in cooperation with the tourist professional bodies of the region.
  • It takes care of the planning and implementation of tourism promotion programs of the Municipality area (eg production of tourist material and publication of practical guidebooks for travelers, participation in tourism fairs, creation of communication networks and cooperation with other regions inside and outside the country, etc.) .
  • It cooperates with the other local authorities of the destination as well as with the professional tourism operators in order to develop joint tourism promotion activities.
  • Ensures the implementation of information / information mechanisms for visitors to the area, such as the visitors' information office (VOLOS INFO) and other information points.
  • It takes care of the organization, equipment and maintenance of the bathing coasts and the observance of all procedures and actions for the award of the blue flags.

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Department of Rural Development

The responsibilities of the Department of Agricultural Development are:

  • Issuing of certificates (agricultural leave for militia, distillation of marc, movement of breeders)
  • Observing the procedure for imposing administrative fines on dominant pet animals.
  • Participation in the integration process for grazing rights.
  • Updating Municipal Elements for the Dictation Program of each region.
  • Sending announcements to municipal units for any rural interest issues to the public.
  • Issue of press releases when needed on various issues (crop damage & ELGA process, new farmers and organic farming programs, etc.)
  • Visas for bee-land transfers.


Department of Fisheries

The Department of Fisheries does not exercise any competence because it has not been transferred from the Region as originally provided by Kallikratis