The Independent Department of the Municipal Police is staffed by special staff who carry out thorough, systematic, documented and objective inspections in order to comply with the existing legislation and the Regulatory Decisions of the Municipality to ensure the unhindered social welfare of the residents and the proper functioning city's.

The service is currently open from 07:00 until 15:00 (Monday to Friday). Service hours: 08: 00-14: 00.


Contact details of the Municipal Police

Post. Address: Konstanta 141 Postal Code: 38221 Volos (4th floor, DEYAMB building)
Tel: 2421023023, Head Office: 2421023613
Fax: 2421022560


Responsibilies of Municipal Police

The Municipal Police is responsible for the effective and efficient exercise of the competences referred to in Government Gazette 263 A / 23-12-2008, and due to the understaffing of its personnel, it exercises certain responsibilities, the most important of which are:

  • It checks compliance with the provisions concerning pedestrian traffic, stopping and parking of vehicles, as well as the circulation of pedestrians, squares, sidewalks and generally in areas not intended for such use, and imposes administrative measures under Article 103 of the Law 2696/1999
  • It monitors the observance of the provisions regarding the occupation of communal areas (pedestrian, sidewalks, squares) according to the relevant legislation and the Regulatory Decisions of the Municipality
  • Controls compliance with water, irrigation and drainage regulations
  • It monitors the compliance with theOutdoor advertising
  • Checks for keeping clean in public outdoor areas
  • Controls compliance with measures to prevent fires in public outdoor areas
  • It checks compliance with the provisions concerning pet animals
  • It checks compliance with the provisions on smoking
  • It checks compliance with the provisions concerning the marking of work on roads
  • It carries out evacuations for the issuance of administrative acts and the issuance of a certificate of permanent residence
  • It supplies all kinds of documents of the Municipality
  • Protects municipal and community property
  • It is involved in the implementation of civil protection plans
  • Verifies the authenticity of signing at home in the event of a failure to move
  • It performs patrols and mixed squad police teams with Services of other entities, according to the relevantregulations
  • It cooperates with the other departments of the Municipality within the framework of the responsibilities of the service and assists them in their work


Applications, documents and instructions from the Municipal Police

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