The General Secretary of the Municipality of Volos is Mr. Stylianos Diamantidis , Mechanical Engineer and graduate of the Polytechnic School of the University of Patras. In the past he also worked as Secretary General of the Municipality of Piraeus.

The responsibilities of the Secretary General derive from Law 3584/2007 on the "Code of Status of Municipal and Community Employees (423610) Article 16", under which the Secretary-General, with a mandate of the Mayor, may:

  • Sign documents and certificates, except for money orders
  • Provide instructions, give directions and generally coordinate the services of the Municipality in the course of their work.
  • To ensure the continuous improvement of the effective action of the Municipality's services, to adapt their operation to the needs of the local community and to improve the efficiency of the staff and technical means of the Municipality
  • Organize any new service created in the municipality.

More specifically, the responsibilities of the Secretary General of the Municipality of Volos are those assigned to him by the Mayor of Volos, Mr. Achilleas Beos according to the Decision No. 8428 / 29-1-2015, namely:

  • The signing of the decisions for the movement of all the personnel of the Municipality, from one organic unit to another, except those concerning the transfer of Head of Directorates
  • Pre-approval of overtime and overtime on Sundays and excluding staff days and the number of employees who will be employed beyond their hours of work
  • The endorsement of attestations of overtime and employment on Sundays and excluding employees' days, signed by the heads of the relevant Directorates
  • Decisions to terminate, for any reason, his contract with a fixed-term private-law employment relationship
  • Suggestions to the Mayor and the City Council
  • Documents addressed to Ministries, Decentralized Administrations and Regions
  • Calls for expressions of interest as wellthe selective invitations to tender by open bidding or by competitive bidding
  • The documents to the Municipal Enterprises and the Municipalities,DD of the Municipality, as well as in the inter-municipal meetings in which the Municipality participates.