The Department of Sanitary and Social Welfare provides psychosocial support services to the children of the structures of the Directorate of Education with the specialties of Social Worker and Occupational Therapist. Its main objective is to promote child protection, empowering the role of parents and the proper functioning of family life. More specifically, the Department of Sanitary and Social Welfare:

  • It highlights the difficulties and problems of children and helps the family in their awareness, the identification of the causes (using a specialized questionnaire), indicating ways of dealing with them.
  • It contributes to preventing or coping with the problems of the children of each kindergarten and their families, if this is demanded or is actually necessary.
  • It collaborates with the pedagogical staff of the stations with which it is in constant contact, convenes parenting information meetings and provides advisory services on family and individual counseling in the family of children.
  • It offers, with specially selected activities, ergotherapeutic support to children, motivating them to improve their skills and enhance their abilities (coordination - movement control, correct body perception, time management, concentration, orientation, memory, developing self-service skills) that they have not been able to develop.

Contact details Psychosocial support for children of structures

Head: Karamanlis Aegli
Address: Triantafyllidis with Metamorphosis
Opening hours: 7: 30-15: 30
Phone: 2421070073
Fax: 2421070073