Andreas Zervas (Deputy Mayor

Pegios Dimitrios
Zervas Andreas
Theodorou Athanasios
Batsiakas Anastasios
Savvakis Aristides
Zarkas-Vergis Apostolos
Patsianta Margaritis
Andreou-Meikopoulou Eleni
Papatolias Apostolos
Dance Apostle

Tsakanikas Apostolos
Tudi-Bondou Georgia
Halloween Sophia
Kanellis Nikolaos
Skotiniotis Panagiotis
Tsalouhas Theodoros

Responsibilities of the Economic Committee

The Economic Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Drafts the budget of the Municipality.
  • It checks the implementation of the budget and submits a quarterly report to the Municipal Council, which presents the Statement of revenue and expenditure of the Municipality. This report, which is registered and any minority comments, must be published on the website of the Municipality.
  • Examines the account.
  • It decides on the approval of expenditure and the allocation of budget appropriations other than those decided by the City Council in accordance with the provisions in force, and also decides in a justified manner also for the cases of direct procurement of supplies, services, studies and execution of projects in exceptional urgent cases.
  • He draws up the terms, draws up the declaration, conducts and awards all auctions in accordance with the legislation in force.For the conduct of auctions and the evaluation of tenders may be constituted committees, by its members, municipal or civil servants or special scientists.
  • It studies the need to conclude loans, draws up their terms and proposes to the Municipal Council.
  • Suggests to the City Council the imposition of fees, rights and contributions.
  • Decides on the acceptance of inheritances, bequests and donations.
  • He proposes to the Municipal Council an annual plan for the management and exploitation of the property of the Municipality. It monitors the implementation of this plan and informs the City Council.
  • It decides on issues of transparency and e-government.
  • It proposes to the Municipal Council the draft regulatory decisions of the Municipality and monitors their implementation.
  • Decides to submit complaints to the administrative authorities.
  • It decides on the use of all legal remedies and legal remedies.
  • Decides on a court settlement and recommends to the Municipal Council for an out-of-court settlement or removal of proceedings up to thirty thousand (30,000) euros.
  • Decides on the appointment of a proxy attorney and the revocation of his power of attorney in those municipalities, whether or not recruited by lawyers, with monthly remuneration, or those who have been recruited are not entitled to sit in supreme courts. It may also entrust the provision of opinions only if no lawyers have been recruited with a monthly remuneration. By decision, it is possible, by way of exception, to assign to a lawyer, extrajudicial or judicial proceedings, per case, issues which are of particular importance to the interests of the municipality and require specialized knowledge or experience.In such cases, the lawyer's remuneration is determined in accordance with the provisions of Article 281 of the TWG.
  • The Economic Committee may, by special decision taken by an absolute majority of its members, refer a specific matter of its competence to the Municipal Council for taking a decision if it considers that this is particularly serious.