Contact Details for Social Protection, KAPI and Public Health


Kostoglou Despina

Deputy Mayor



2 November 129

2421353150, 2421353143


Zorba Maria





Zorba Maria Chief KAPI   2421020252  
  Administrative Support KAPI   2421020252  
  Doctors KAPI   2421070039  
  Physiotherapists KAPI   2421081312  
  Food Service KAPI   2421020252  
    Social drugstore Topal 14 (DIAVOLOS) 2421031023
    Social Grocery Olympic Champion of Agnontas with Kourouniotis (Karagatsi Building) 2421055156
Papadimitriou Athanasia Chief Department for the Protection and Promotion of Public Health  

    Primary Rescue of Stray Animals On the way to GLAFYRES 242807311  
Myriantopoulou Marina Occupational Health     2421022745
Gogu Maria Management support     2421020412

Tacopoulou Styliani

Management support        


The KPI & Public Health Social Protection Division is composed of the KAPI Department and the Department of Public Health Protection and Promotion .

Department of KAPI

KAPI Department responsibilities

Provision of medical and social services to serviced citizens through Social Workers, Family Assistants and Nurses serving in them. Responsibilities by category:

  • Administrative support
  • Physicians : Provide their medical services to the KAPI, provide for the clinical examination of patients and for referral to other specialties, if necessary, recommend paraclinical examinations and provide instructions for medication, visiting, in exceptional cases, members who are experiencing mobility problems
  • Physiotherapists : Physiotherapists serve Physiotherapists, who, following a doctor's written order, apply physiotherapy to the members of the KAPI who need it. Physiotherapy can also be performed at home, at the doctor's request, in the case of elderly people with special problems.
  • Food Service : The Food and Drug Administration distributes meals for disabled and elderly people and people with disabilities.This work is carried out by the KAPI guide, with the help of Family Assistants, who are responsible for the execution of any work resulting from their subject.
  • Nurses : Organize health education programs, provide counseling services on personal health issues. They are responsible for conducting pre-screening of the members, in consultation with the doctor at the KAPI clinic and at home when it is necessary. They work with family members who have health problems. They work with the doctor on the days and hours of the surgery. They are responsible for the safekeeping and management of the Center's pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment. They visit and provide home hospitality in consultation with the KAPI physician or their family physician.


KAPI of the Municipality of Volos

THEOPHILUS Administrative Support & Subscriptions to members of the Municipality of Volos Stefanidou Alexia 2421020252
Nurse Smorou Zoe
Guide Tzanakis Stamatis
Family Assistant


Philippe Maria
Markadona Eleni
St. Basil Social Worker Chatzivasileiou Christina 2421050001
N.DIMITRIADAS Nurse Koutoula Eleni 2421044034
KISSAREA Nurse Bona Fevronia 2421081312
Physiotherapist Xermeritis Andreas
Family Assistant Bollorou Eleni
TSIGANTE Nurse Katsifos Georgios 2421090143
MYTILINE Social Worker Touloumtzis Panagiotis 2421085066
Nurse Tsikritzi Maria
GLAFYRON Interior cleaner Hamper Theodora 2428073853
AGRIA     2428091586


Social drugstore

The Social Pharmacy of the Municipality of Volos is staffed by a Social Officer and Pharmacist, and is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.


Social Grocery

The Municipal Social Grocery operates as a program of the Social Protection, Public Health and Public Health Directorate of the Municipality of Volos and is implemented with donors, donors, volunteers, as well as with national, regional and European programs aimed at combating poverty and social exclusion.

The social grocery is a service provider of essential items for the feeding and dressing of deprived residents. The provided species come from donations and sponsorships, and if there is a deficiency of species, they can be procured from their own resources.

Department for the Protection and Promotion of Public Health

Responsibilities of the Department for the Protection and Promotion of Public Health

  • It plans, plans and carries out measures to protect public health.
  • It caters for stray animals (meditation, creation and operation of shelters, etc.).
  • Ensures that hygiene rules are observed in public and private schools in the region.
  • It independently organizes, in cooperation with the respective regional services, specific programs for the protection and promotion of Public Health in the area of competence of the Municipality.
  • It regulates various administrative issues related to public health in the area of the Municipality.


Municipal Shelter for Stray Animals

  • It takes care of the cleanliness of the animals and the surrounding areas of the Municipal Refuge.
  • Ensures the adoption of animals, informs citizens of what is available for adoption.
  • It has the care of catering the guests, on a daily basis.
  • He locates and catches the stray animals with continuous patrols in the Municipality and transfers them to the Veterinarian.
  • It is responsible for their transportation to the Municipal Shelter after completion of the intervention or treatment by Veterinarians.
  • Takes care for the treatment of animals staying in the Shelter for as long as needed (pills, injections, etc.).
  • It transports the treated animals to the area that is reintegrated or has been admitted to the home to be housed.
  • He takes care of the vaccinations of puppies adopted and their transfer to new owners.
  • At certain times of the year, there is a pronounced problem of transmitted diseases (spring, summer), deworming stray animals undergoing monitoring and reintegration into the natural environment.

A visit to the Municipal Refuge is preceded by an appointment for an appointment