The "Philharmonic of the Municipality of Volos" is essentially the transformation of the "Volos Philharmonic", which originated from the first atypical figure of winds, founded in 1920 in Volos by Voliotis and Corfiot philosophers. In 1924, after its brief dissolution, the Association of the "Philharmonic of Volos" was founded by leading personalities of the city and the leading music and pedagogue Vasil Kontis was the conductor.

Through a process of constant mutations and searches, but always with an important artistic presence in the city, the "Philharmonic Society" joined in 1946 in the Municipality of Pagasson. Since 1948, the Independent Legal Entity of Public Law has been formed, with the title "The Philharmonic of the Municipality of Pagasson". In 1954 it was incorporated into the Municipality of Volos under the name "Municipality of Volos Philharmonic".

From 1984 to 2012, the conductor of the Philharmonic was the well-known archbishop George Karydakis.

Since 2011, the Philharmonic of the Municipality of Volos has been merged into the Public Legal Entity "MUNICIPAL ORGANIZATION FOR EDUCATION OF CHILD, SPORTS AND CULTURE - DI.PE.THE. (DIEPAP - DI.PE.THE) ". He joined the Department of Music of the Culture Directorate.

The Philharmonic today is a musical ensemble of instruments, mainly instruments with many possibilities and perspectives thanks to the efforts of the conductor, his musicians and his Board of Directors. It covers all the needs of our city and the wider region at ceremonial, religious and anniversary events. It organizes very successful concerts with a tribute to a kind of music (eg Greek and foreign operetta, kantoneta, Greek song, folk song) as well as classical music, as well as leading Greek composers and music composers of international prestige.

In recent years, it has been successful in many large and other smaller Greek cities. The summers show an artistic program with a variety of Greek and foreign music repertoire in the neighborhoods and the city center offering pleasant musical delights.

It collaborates with and frames institutionalized or non-artistic events of the Organizations and Enterprises of our Municipality. Finally, he has participated several times in Pan-Hellenic and International Festivals with success.

Today, it is housed in a building of the Municipality of Volos, specially designed for its needs, in the district of Palaion (at the address: Papakyriazi 16 - Lemnos).

Since 2013 Archimusics has been appointed by Vasilis Tasoudis, Orchestrated by Eleftherios Stratas and Curator Konstantinos Koutrianos. In the years 2017 and 2018 Eleftherios Karamanlakis was governor of the Municipality of Volos. Today, 16 musicians and 24 musicians participate in the Philharmonic of Volos.