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The Municipality of Volos, within the framework of its social policy, implements the project " Social Pharmacy ", co-funded by the European Social Fund through the "Regional Operational Program for Thessaly 2014-2020".

The Social Pharmacy of the Municipality of Volos is a social structure whose purpose is to provide free medical care to deprived, underprivileged people living below the poverty line, immigrants and homeless people residing in the Municipality of Volos, upon their written request and condition. In this context, the Social Pharmacy will provide free medicines, healthcare and parapharmaceuticals, which through specific partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, local pharmaceutical associations, as well as the involvement and mobilization of collective bodies, businesses and citizens, inter-municipal networks,

Beneficiaries will be served only on prescription prescription medication by specialist medical practitioners, individuals or the public in prescription drugs.The Social Pharmacy will not have the categories of medicines for which special prescription is required. The provision of medicines to recipients can not be permanent and continuous for each type of medicine they receive, as this depends on the bids and the stock that will exist. Beneficiaries are only served on prescription prescription medication by medical specialists, private individuals or government in prescription drugs.

The Social Pharmacy of the Municipality of Volos is staffed by a Social Worker and a Pharmacist and operates on a fixed-hour basis from Monday to Friday, 9:00 -17: 00, at Topalis 14 (DIAVLOS) and 24210-31023.

Help at home

COORDINATOR: Nikoleta Tsamandura (2421048662)
The services provided include psychological and social support, nursing care, interconnection with social services, escort and home help. Within the framework of the following programs, 5 groups operate as follows:


  • BSS of Neapolis Filiki & Skoufa (behind KDPAP Neapolis), Neapoli Volos Tel. / Fax. 24210 66175
  • Nea Demetriada Apollonas 57A, N. Dimitriada Volos Tel. 24210 71291
  • CSE Agias Paraskevis K. Varnalis 9A, Ag. Friday Volos Tel. / Fax. 24210 55509
  • National Technical University of Athens (Alykes) Bacchus & Iroon Polytechniou, Alykes Volos Tel. / Fax. 24210 87394

B. BSA Nea Ionia - Aisonia COORDINATOR: Katerina Exarchou (24210 82484)

  • NSS of Nea Ionia of Crete 34-36, N.Ionia, Volos Tel. 24210 82484, 84934
  • BSN of Aisonia (Diminou) Town Hall of Diminou, Dimini Volou Tel. / Fax. 24213 53611, 53629

G. VASS Portaras - Iolkou COORDINATOR: Roula Papoutsis (24280999380

  • VSS Portaria (Katohori) Former Community. Shop, Katochori Portaria Volos Tel. / Fax. 24280 99938
  • Vassil Ikosou (Anakassia) Former Community Store Ano Volou, Anakassia Volou Tel. / Fax. 24213 48622

D. VASS Agrias - Agrias (Drakeia) - Artemidas (Lechonia) COORDINATOR: Eva Stamati (2428093249)

  • Social Care of Agrias Leoforos Dimokratias & Pelion (near hotel Valis), Agria Volou 24280 93249
  • Vassilis Agias (Draceia) Former Municipal Shop of Drace in Volos Tel. / Fax. 24280 96000
  • BSS Artemidas (Lechonia) Former Municipal Shop of Ano Lechonia Volou Tel. / Fax. 24280 93249

E. BSA of Nea Anchialos COORDINATOR: Thalia Varli (2428350331)

  • NSS Aghialou Eleftheria 23 (main road), N. Aghialos Volos Tel. / Fax. 24283 50331

Social Grocery

The Social Grocery of the Municipality of Volos operates from 2012 with its own resources and own resources, in a Municipal building on the contribution of Odeon K. Kourounioti 20 & Olympic Assistant. From the middle of December 2017, in the framework of the implementation of Decision No 658 / 16-02-2017 (AAA: ΟΛΝΒ7LΡ-ΣΤ1) of the Act of Accession of the Act "Social Grocery and Social Pharmacy of the Municipality of Volos" 5003026, in Priority Axis 2.a "Development and Utilization of Human Potential Capacities - Active Social Inclusion" of the OP. "Regional Operational Program for Thessaly 2014-2020". The Action is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESC) under the thematic objective 9 to "Promoting Social Inclusion, Combating Poverty and All Forms of Discrimination" of the Regional Operational Programs (ROP) 2020.

Hostel for the Victims of Violence Victims of the Municipality of Volos

The Hostel of Violence-Women Victims of Violence operates since September 24, 2013. Hospitality is provided to women victims of gender violence together with their children, as well as specialized information and counseling services in the psychosocial and legal support of women.
It works on basic principles defined by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality. The address and telephone of the Hostel remain secret for the safety of the guests and their children.

The Structure has the ability to host and provide safe shelter to twenty (20) female victims of gender-based violence, who suffer multiple discrimination (domestic, migrant, refugee, single parent, unemployed, people with disabilities) and need a safe stay for a period of three months (as the case may be). In addition to accommodation (lodging and meals), the Hostel provides psychological and social support by qualified staff (psychologist, pediatric psychologist, social worker).

Referrals to the Hostel are made via the SOS 15900 Line 24 hours a day, the Social Services of the Municipality, the Women's Counseling Centers, the Hospital, the police and many other networked operators.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the Guest House email so that there is a better understanding of the handling of the referrals and any questions or clarifications.

Since March 2011, the nationwide SOS 15900 line has been launched to enable women who are victims of violence or third parties to communicate directly with a body responsible for tackling gender-based violence. The line is staffed by psychologists and sociologists who provide immediate assistance to emergency and urgent cases of violence on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year. At the same time, there is the possibility of electronic communication of women through the e-mail address:

Health Care Center

Address: Topali 14 (Diavolos), Volos
Phone: 2421034121
Fax: 2421034121

The HCC-Health of the Municipality of Volos is a new municipal structure aiming at informing our citizens on issues of health promotion, screening of high-risk population groups and, more generally, the promotion of integrated policies and actions in the field of Public Health. Through this structure, citizens based on diagnostic protocols will be updated with regard to age, gender, and family history for preventive clinics and diagnostic tests they can do. A network of city medical providers supports this effort.The main focus of the Program is to raise awareness, to provide information, to organize screening and referrals to health structures of all citizens regardless of insurance capacity, focusing on the most common diseases faced by health professionals in Primary Health Care such as: a) Colorectal cancer, b) Cervical cancer c) Breast cancer d) Cardiovascular risk e) Abdominal aortic aneurysm f) Prostate cancer g) Melanoma. In addition, JEP-Health coordinates health promotion programs such as safe internet, school bullying, child obesity, cardiovascular risk prevention,

MAKE YOUR PLAN with instructions to prepare an emergency plan

Volos Municipality Supported Living Roof

Address: Terma Venizelou, Nea Ionia (Xiria bridge, Aliveri)
Phone: 24210 64624
Fax: 24210 64604

The Supported Living Residential Home of the Municipality of Volos for nine (9) people with intellectual disabilities is a social structure in the form of properly organized spaces where people with mental retardation and possibly motor or sensory disabilities or secondary mental illnesses and disorders , which can not live independently without the proper support, as defined in the relevant legislation (Government Gazette 74 / 29-01-2007) Persons belonging to the CIS are from 18 years of age and above and are self-handled as much as possible.The CIS operates on the basis of the principles of de-institutionalization and social reintegration and serves the primary right to independent living of each individual while aiming at developing and maintaining as much as possible the skills and abilities of the inhabitants for self-care and social participation so as to live as long as possible possible more autonomously and actively in the natural environment of society and in a space different from that of any work they may have. The CIS program is differentiated according to the evolution of its inhabitants in the following stages:

  • adaptation program, individual skills and self-care,
  • social skills program; socialization program; and
  • professional skills rehabilitation program.

The Municipal Council of the Municipality of Volos formally started its operation on 12-11-13 and for the first two years it is co-financed by the European Social Fund, through the Operational Program "Human Resources Development 2007-2013" of the NSRF 2007-2013. During this period, it will be housed in the premises of KESSA (Center for the Support of Autistic People) of Magnesia and will then be relocated to buildings of the former "Pedopoli" of Agria, which will be appropriately shaped by the Municipality. CYD is open 24 hours, weekends and public holidays throughout the year. Operator of the CIS is the Municipality of Volos. The building facilities of the CIS are located in the KESAAM buildings. The entrance is at the side of Ximaria.


Physicians tel. 24210-70039
They provide their medical services to the KAPI, care for the clinical examination of patients and for referral, if necessary, to other specialties, recommending paraclinical examinations and providing instructions for medication, visiting, in exceptional cases, members who face mobility problems

Competences of Physiotherapists Tel. 24210-81312
Physiotherapists serve physiotherapists, who, following a doctor's written order, apply physiotherapy to the members of the KAPI who need it. Physiotherapy can also be performed at home, at the doctor's request, in the case of elderly people with special problems.

Functions of the Food Service Tel. 24210-20252
The Food Service distributes meals for disabled and elderly people with disabilities. This work is carried out by the KAPI guide, with the help of Family Assistants, who are responsible for the execution of any work resulting from their subject.

Nursing Competencies
They organize health education programs, provide counseling services on personal health issues. They are responsible for conducting pre-screening of the members, in consultation with the doctor at the KAPI clinic and at home when it is necessary. They work with family members who have health problems. They work with the doctor on the days and hours of the surgery. They are responsible for the safekeeping and management of the Center's pharmaceutical and healthcare equipment.They visit and provide home hospitality in consultation with the KAPI physician or their family physician.

European Aid for Apostles Fund (TEBA)

However, TEVA's EWIS supports food distribution and / or basic material assistance to the needy, is combined where appropriate with Accompanying Measures and aims to alleviate the social exclusion of the most deprived.


The services offered by KEKPA-DIEK are of a social nature and are addressed to all age groups (children and families, adults, elderly) as well as to population groups with cultural specificities (Romani, Homeless, poor, migrants) while providing post- training with a contributory nature (BIPC).

Achieving our social goals is funded by the Municipality of Volos, resources from the NSRF programs, as well as funds from transnational partnerships in the framework of the implementation of social programs of the European Commission (Erasmus +, DG Justice etc).

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