The Executive Committee is a collective coordinating and executive body of the municipality and monitors the implementation of municipal policy in all areas as well as the implementation of the municipality's operational plan, the medium, annual and five-year action plans.

Chairman of the executive committee is the mayor. The chairperson of the council of the local or municipal community, when discussing a subject specifically addressed to them, as well as the chairpersons of the legal entities of the municipality and other official agents whenever it is deemed necessary.

An official of the municipality shall record in writing the meetings of the Executive Committee.

Responsibilies of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall exercise the following powers:

  • Monitor the implementation of the decisions of the municipal council.
  • It coordinates the training and monitors the implementation of the operational program, which also proposes to the city council.
  • It draws up and suggests to the municipal council the technical program of the municipality and has the responsibility for its implementation.
  • It collects and evaluates the suggestions of the municipality's services in preparation for the budget preparation and proposes the draft budget and the Annual Action Plan to the Economic Committee.
  • It is responsible for the faithful implementation of the budget.
  • Suggests to the municipal council the plans:
    • Internal Service Agency,
    • Regulation for measuring and evaluating the performance of municipal services under the current legislation.
  • It proposes to the Municipal Council the Charter Charter of rights and obligations of citizens and residents and ensures the publication, updating and circulation of the Citizen's Guide, which describes the procedures, terms and conditions for the provision of municipal and municipal services in printed and electronic form.
  • It proposes the draft citizens' information regulation and the consultation regulation.
  • Suggests plans for emergency response and natural disasters, in line with the respective plans of the region and the Ministry of Citizen Protection.
  • It monitors, evaluates and coordinates the action of the legal persons and services of the municipality and informs the municipal council accordingly