Contact details of Building Services


Tsopouridou Kyriaki

Assistant Director

81 - building Spirer - Volos


Tsopouridou Kyriaki

Head of the Building Licensing Department

81 - building Spirer - Volos



Skarvelis Eleni

Head of the Urban Audit Department

81 - building Spirer - Volos



Mavrantonis Ioannis

Head of Department of Urban Planning

81 - building Spirer - Volos




Responsibilites of Building Services

The Department of Urban Planning is responsible for the implementation of urban and spatial planning, the issuance and control of the implementation of building permits and the control of arbitrary constructions. The specific responsibilities of the Directorate, within the framework of its mission, are determined by the applicable provisions of the Laws, Orders and Ministerial Decisions.

  • Enforces the issue of the permits requested, based on the provisions in force.
  • Ensures enforcement of issued licenses.


Secretariat Responsibilites

  • It keeps the books of the studies and the issuance of building permits as well as the departmental archive (electronic and classical).
  • It checks the completeness of the submitted files and records them in corresponding books (handling, pre-audit, etc.)
  • Provides information to the interested parties about the file and provides exact copies.


Building Licensing Responsibilites

  • The departmental items of the Department are broadly deleted as follows:
  • It receives, checks the completeness of the submitted files for the issuance of building permits and checks the submitted studies according to the applicable provisions.
  • Controls architectural, static, hydraulic and electromechanical studies, heat insulation study, passive fire protection study and related tax data for the issuance or revision of building permits for industrial buildings according to the relevant legislation.
  • It issues and revises building permits and maintains all required relevant records and data.
  • It provides information to anyone concerned about the implementation of the KOC.
  • It seeks to collect jurisprudence and classify the relevant provisions related to the responsibilities of the Department of Urban Planning.


Licensing powers installations and technical permits

  • It grants the construction or engineering permits to install a land station antenna in accordance with Article 24a of Law 2075/1992 (Government Gazette 129 A), as in force, and imposes penalties on offenders.
  • It regulates any matter relating to the installation, operation and maintenance of lifts, as well as the granting of the relevant technical permits in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.
  • It grants installation permits and permits for the operation of light tubes, illuminated signs and power-operated lifting equipment.


Issue of Building Services documents

To issue documents from urban planning, please select from the list below the document you are interested in, check out the supporting documents you need, fill in the online applications and submit them to our service. Thanks.

Checking buildings for any dangerous construction

An autopsy is made by an urban planning officer, who describes to the members of the committee of dilapidated buildings of the municipality of Heraklion the state of the building with an attached photograph.

An autopsy is then taken by the committee members and the result is sent to the municipal technical officer, who is obliged to inform the building owners, the technical service of the Municipality and the Old City office, if necessary. If the building is dilapidated and the owner is not interested, the Technical Service takes the initiative and if it is dangerously dilapidated, it demolishes and charges the owner.

Required documents:

  1. An application where the details of the landlord owner (the complainant may be the other) will also appear.

Copies of building permit data

Required documents:

  1. An application with the building license number and the type of projects requested eg. cover chart or topographic diagram, etc.

Provide copies of compensation claims to interested parties

Required documents:

  1. Request from the interested party

Endorsement of actions for the calculation of compensation

Required documents:

  1. Request from interested parties
  2. After the Prefect's ratification of the Reconciliation Act and unless objections are raised to the competent Regional Governor, the act within 30 days becomes final and irrevocable.


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