The Municipal Organization for Education of Children, Sports, Culture - Municipal Regional Theater (DIOPA - DIP.TH.E.) is a legal entity of public law of the Municipality of Volos, which was established in 2011 the fields of child education, sport and culture.

He is responsible for the operation of the nurseries, the sports and cultural spaces, the museums and the libraries of the Municipality of Volos. Its competences cover a large and multidimensional project, which deals with the issues of pre-school education, creative employment of children, young people and adults, artistic education, the development and promotion of local artistic and athletic potential, the operation of the Symphony Orchestra and its Philharmonic Orchestra The Municipality of Volos, the productions of the Municipal Theater, the organization of cultural and sports events of panhellenic and international interest, the study and promotion of the local history, the management the cultural heritage.

The central offices of the DIEPAP - DIP.TH.E. are housed in the building of Metaxourgeio (Karamatzakis and Anapafysos, a former silk mill factory of Emetkotzoglou), with the dispersion of structures in the entire "volcanic" municipality of Volos. It includes the Directorates of Administrative and Financial Services, Education, Sports, Culture and Archives, Museums & Libraries (



KEKPA-DIEK is the Public Enterprise of the Municipality of Volos with specialization in the fields of Social Welfare and Postgraduate Vocational Education. Its services and programs cover the entire population and age groups in the city through 35 structures and integrated actions implemented throughout the Kallikrati municipality. With a number of more than 4,500 beneficiaries and programs for people with disabilities, elderly, children and young people, Roma and homeless people, as well as citizens of all ages using their social structures, KEKPA-DIEK aspires with quality and certified services to make a substantial and creative contribution to strengthening a web of protection and social care for all citizens, particularly those in need.