Contact details of the Mayor's Office

Post. Address: Ag. Nikolaos 7 (between Dimitriados and Iasonos streets)
Telephone: 8001150000 (free of charge)
Tel. office: 2421037679 - 2421037478
Fax: 2421037679

A direct action mechanism that works to resolve everyday problems of the citizen

Administrative Assistance

  • Provide administrative assistance to people who are objectively unable to access municipal services or Citizen Service Centers.

Citizen Service

  • It accepts the citizens' requests, suggestions, suggestions and complaints, records them, sends them for resolution to the competent services of the Municipality, monitors the progress of their implementation and ensures the timely information of the citizens.
  • There are civilian telephone lines with the municipality for receiving complaints, or providing administrative information to citizens.
  • It systematically monitors the Municipality's website, gathers citizens' requests, suggestions, complaints and suggestions, and keeps the relevant departments informed, resolves the problems of the competent services and informs the citizens in good time.
  • It informs citizens about the responsibilities and activities of the Municipality, as well as about their rights and the actions required to solve their problems.